Canucks Beat Sharks.

I know.  It still doesn’t count.  The boys are 3 and 0 but they still have 0 points in the regular season standings.  But it’s nice. Considering how much of a gong show this off season was, and considering how many new guys came in, it’s pretty impressive that they are gelling so quickly.  This time last year, half the lineup was out with injuries already, and nobody looked like they were on the same page.  Who knows if their success will continue into the regular season, but we’re already having more fun than last year.  And they won tonight without both wonder twins in the lineup!  Take that numerous mainstream media publications that say we don’t have scoring without the twins. There are some very good things to be seen.

1.  Almost every single Canuck is going to the net with speed and working to get the dirty goals right in front of the net.  How many times did you want to pull your hair out last season when a Canuck would weakly shoot from the perimeter?

2. The Canucks are suddenly fast.  A bunch of our guys can fly.  It’s nice watching some plays happen off the rush.

3.  They’re definitely grittier and more competitive.

Jannik Hansen looked incredible against the Sharks.  He was dangerous offensively, but also great without the puck.  He won’t get in AV’s dog house very easily.  I will be shocked if he doesn’t make the regular roster.  Very shocked.  If he doesn’t make the team, I’ll write a post about how much I love the Calgary Flames(Gags).

Mason Raymond was passing and skating beautifully.  He and Demitra looked pretty great together.  It will be interesting to see if AV lets them to stay together for awhile.

I almost forgot Lukas Krajicek played for the Canucks last season because he was injured for so long, but he looked very nice tonight.  He was being aggressive and skating extremely well with the puck.  Good to see.

The fight between Rypien and that Shark was epic.  I was entertained.  Rypien’s probably too little to make the NHL long term, but he always makes me smile in the pre season.

If your team gets a 3 man breakaway, who do you least want to be in on it?  Probably your fourth line that has little to no offensive talent, right?  Heh.  Poor Brown, Cowan, and Rypien couldn’t quite pull it off.

Thank goodness Kes wasn’t seriously injured near the start of the game, because he has been looking fantastic.  His skating is still crazy fast, but it seems like he’s relaxed just enough to take his time and not be rushed to make a play.

Matty Ohlund was knocking some guys over, and looked like his strong, steady self.  Too bad he took that penalty in the third period, but it didn’t kill the Canucks or anything.  I loved some of his moves on the penalty kill.

Cory Schneider did his best mini Lui impression again.  He looked as studly as ever.  Yes, the shutout ended when he was in net, but he had no real chance on those goals.  The Schneids kept the Canucks in the game with several of those saves.  Which brings me to my one irritation with the Canucks game tonight.  Why oh why do they stop attacking in the third and let the other team get back in the game?  I can’t imagine that it’s fun to run around the whole third period like your head is cut off.  And it’s not good for my sanity. 

But yes, other than that silly aversion they have to keeping a comfortable lead, there’s not too much to get worried about.  I’m satisfied for the moment.


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