Canucks VS. Ducks. Questions Per Period.

Oh Anaheim.  I always forget how much I hate them until the Canucks see them again.  Luckily, I don’t have to see Mo in a Ducks sweater tonight.

Questions after period 1.

Is the coach seriously insane?  Cody Hodgson centering Jeff Cowan and Rick Rypien?  Dear god.  I know it’s still pre season, but christ.  What in the hell made that sound like a good idea?  I’m sorry, Cody.

Is Big Bear convincing me to fall in love with him? 

What’s the worst sound in a hockey game?  When a Canuck beats the goalie but hits a post.

Will Grabner and Wellwood play better together in the second period?

Does Kevin Bieksa make me laugh?

Is Rob Davison kind of foxy?

Questions after period 2.

Would someone ever block a Sami Salo slap shot?

Do the Canucks actually want to gain momentum or just take dumbass penalties?  Related to this, can we just waive Cowan already?

Will Wellwood be the most frustrating Canuck this season? 

Awwww.  I miss Mo! He cleans up nice.

Questions after period 3.

Is there a hot stripper in the penalty box?

Has Sami Salo been eating his wheaties?

Do the wonder twins love Big Bear yet?

Questions after overtime.

Is Corey Perry the biggest bitch in the league?  He does look like Miranda from Sex and the City…

Did Hank Sedin really get in a fight?  Or am I drunk?

Questions after shootout.

Have I actually enjoyed the Canucks win two shootouts?  Is this really my team?

Does Cody Hodgson meditate?  Why is he so calm?

Do I love fat, unfit former Leafs?

4-0 baby!  (Not that it means anything) That was delightful! Except for the fucking penalties.  No need to be hookers, boys.


8 thoughts on “Canucks VS. Ducks. Questions Per Period.

  1. Did you see Vigneault’s creepy mancrush grin/smirk after Rypien fought Sutherby (?)??! I AM SO SCARED MAN. I think Gillis is the only man stopping AV from putting Ryp in the first line. Srs.

    And I’m so proud of Sami! :D I hope to see that type of shooting in the reg season!!! :PPPPPP Who cares if you hurt someone Sami? As long as you’re putting those pucks in net!!!

  2. Heh. Thanks, wrap :)

    Rinslet, I did see the smirk! Ewwww. Creeped me the hell out. I think Gillis will smack AV around if he tries to keep Rypien around. Thank goodness. I just really don’t think he’s neccessary now that we have Hordi and Davison and still have Bieksa. And even Bernier and a maybe a little bit Pyatt…we don’t really need another only gritty guy.

    Sami was fantastic! I hope he shoots like that all season!

  3. Glad to hear Sami’s getting his confidence back, phsychology is a damaging thing.

    God I can’t wait to see my Canucks! Boo to NASN and ESPN 360 and their stupid refusal to show the pre season games. I just can’t do the 3/3:30 am starts at the moment for the live streaming – i must be getting old!

  4. Umm you KNEW I was going to be responding to this question:

    Is Big Bear convincing me to fall in love with him?

    The answer is yes. How? Simply by BEING. THAT’S ALL HE NEEDS TO DO!!!! I feel I should learn more about the Canucks in order to comment on your blog when you for SOME reason decide to not mention Big Bear in a post, jk jk. If you were to just read my comments on this blog I look like a crazy who just sits in her room cutting out articles about Steve Bernier and writing ransom note style letters to Darcy Regier, cursing him for trading him away from me. I mean thats ALMOST what I do, except I sit in my study/office and do it, not my bedroom.

  5. Sarah, yeah Sami looks much happier and relaxed this season. I think that puck to the face really messed him last year. It’s lovely to see! A healthy Sami makes this team sooo much better.

    Don’t feel toooo bad about missing the live streams. They’ve been pretty crappy quality and usually just audio.

    Anne, hahahahahaha!!! Your comment totally cracked me up. Darcy Regier most definitely has a restraining order against you :P

    Big Bear is definitely showing some chemistry with the wonder twins, and has been working his cute French Canadian butt off for two games in a row. I’m really pulling for him.

  6. Since I actually watched this last night. (Even though it wasn’t the Stars, it’s still HOCKEY!!!!) I had forgotten why I hated the Ducklings.

    “Would someone ever block a Sami Salo slap shot?”

    The answer to this question is easy. – Not if they wanted to continue to breathe.

    Rock on.

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