Not A Day Goes By Without This Team Surprising Me.

So, Lui is Captain.  I did not see this one coming!  Sure, he`s obviously the leader, but most teams would just continue to have him act as leader, and name some other guy to be the actual Captain.  Not my team.  They`re special.  According to the rule that was linked to by Mike the Yankee, he can’t wear the ”C” on his sweater, so I’m not even sure what the point was.  That said, Lui deserves it, and it does send a message that management is determined he stay around for a long time.

Matty Ohlund, Willie Mitchell, and Ryan Kesler will wear As.  And I assume do the necessary bitching to the refs that goalie captains aren`t allowed to do.  All good choices.  Anyone know where I can go to get a nice shiny A sewn on to my Matty Ohlund sweater?

Mike Gillis did say he was going to be unconventional when he came in as GM, and he`s definitely showing it here.


5 thoughts on “Not A Day Goes By Without This Team Surprising Me.

  1. Gillis is like the eccentric millionaire that does things because he can. Like he probably runs around some rickity old mansion with a dog named Franklin Roosevelt or something. And he probably collects stamps and marbles.

  2. I am so down with goalies being captains. Marty is a virtual captain for the Devils. He is clearly a leader on the team. The fact that goalies cannot really be named Captain is a damn dirty shame.

  3. When I read that Matty would be taking the ceremonial faceoffs and stuff like that I had the mental image of Luongo in full gear attempting to take a draw with his goalie stick. COME ON, how awesome would that be to watch??!!

    In Buffalo last season a lot of people (not really me, but whatevs) were mad that Ryan Miller couldn’t be captain. I don’t necessarily think that he’s the right choice, but OY of course we have to toss that into the mix. But we can’t be copycats!! Although we are like sister (brother?) teams, both starting in 1970…. NO.

  4. I think the whole point of naming him captain is more for respect? I mean it is obvious the players respect his leadership and the coaching and management staff does, too… I think it’s more of a gesture that they recognize the leadership that he brings to the team, and they want the league, the fans and the media to know of his abilities.

    I guess as gesture of resect, they just named everyone else “A”.

  5. Wrap, totally! HA! That’s always how I’m going to picture Gillis now.

    I agree, Q-girl. It is a pretty silly rule.

    Anne, that image went through my head too! Heh. That would be way too funny. But I am delighted Matty gets to do the ceremonial stuff.

    And yay for sister teams :)

    Rinslet, that makes a lot of sense.

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