A Story In Two Pictures

Updated to add wraparoundcurl’s even more awesome version of this picture.  Just imagine Matty Ohlund saying this.




 Your New Captains…Watch Out NHL!

This picture is wonderful!  I actually laughed out loud.  Kes and Lui and Mitchell look like the biggest keeners ever.  They look like they will come up to AV during the opening game of the season and be all, “Did you see me talk to that ref, coach?  Did you like my last shift?  How bout that glove save, eh?  Did you see me slam that guy into the boards?”  They are so excited to get their first gold stars.  And then there’s Matty over there looking so effortlessly Swedish cool.  He’s absolutely rocking that Canucks track suit.  The other guys can’t work it like he does.  I know he usually chills out to U2, or gets pumped up with Metallica, but this photo is screaming for him to be totally blasting the Hip Hop.  As soon as the press conference is over, he’s turning up the sweet rhymes of Snoop Dog or Wu Tang Clan.  He’s flattered to get an A, but he’s not going to get too excited about it.  Matty is just so fly.



The fabulous wraparoundcurl wrote a great sassy and styling post about NHL fashion (or lacktherof).  I can’t compete with it, and I don’t want to be a copy cat, but I can’t let this picture disappear without talking about it.  Sigh.  These jerseys are HORRIBLE!  Why, NHL, why?  I guess you want a pat on the back for them not being completely pink.  It’s a start.  But, honestly, is it that hard for you to send your marketing guys to watch a game and check out the girl that is wearing the jersey in real team colours and is actually watching the game, instead of the girl in a mini skirt with her boobs falling out of her shirt who is more interested in getting her “I’d give my kidney to make out with Sidney” sign on TV?  We’re not hard to please.  All the real hockey loving girls want is jerseys in their team’s actual colours that don’t make us look like we’re wearing a mumu.  But you know, if you got rid of the baby blue/gray/pink/sparkles, I would even settle for the mumu.

Update: 5-0 baby! I’m not sure where this team came from. I missed the first two periods, so I can’t comment in detail, but the last period was very entertaining.  It’s pre season, yes, but it’s still fun.  The regular season just needs to hurry up and get here before they lose this momentum. And how about a bonus picture for the Flames?



13 thoughts on “A Story In Two Pictures

  1. Kes tucking his track jacket in. XDDDDD *facepalm* XDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!

    Oh man… did you read AV’s comments on CDC.. XD WILLIAM LIKES TO TALK THE MOST SO HE GETS TO TALK TO THE REFS.


    I know it is his first name, BUT WILLIE IS SOOOOOOOO A WILLIAM. XDDDD!!! That made me giggle. I can already see Willie talking to the refs every second he gets and the refs are just “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” XDDDDD;;;

    Then when he was asked about Kesler’s duties (since Ohllie gets ceremonial duties and he gets talking duties) he said KES GETS TO PICK THE LOCKER ROOM MUSIC. XD

    Poor kes.

  2. Wrap, awww yeah! He totally does. I wish I had thought of it.

    Rinslet, I did see AV’s comments. William cracked me up. And he does indeed talk a lot :D But I missed the one about Kes. HAHAHAHA. That’s so awesome.

  3. I just don’t get the jerseys. I mean, I just have so many questions about them. For starters: Are there no female hockey fans working for the NHL? What made them think that making jerseys in the same colors as those caps hospitals stick on infants was a good idea?

  4. you are so right about Matty looking the coolest!

    Kes’s zip is all wonky and William (snort) has his collar done right up like one of the geeky kids at school on a geology field trip :)

    Our beloved captain, not so bad, but Ohlie’s sussed that the trackie looks a lot less like hospital scrubs if you turn it to the side a little :) and it looks like the others have elastic around the waist part but Roberto’s has snapped.

    Horrible as the tracksuits are though – I’d rather wear one of those than the nasty pink and grey jerseys!

  5. Meg, I’m starting to think they don’t have a female fan anywhere NEAR their offices!

    And hospital infant hats is a great description!

    Sarah, ha! That’s exactly how William(heh) looks!

    And I would also totes take one of those track suits over the jerseys. I could make it work.

    wrap, that is awesome!

  6. mmm Willie Mitchell. He’s foxy.

    Those jerseys defy good taste and logic. I love (real) hockey jerseys and I don’t care that they are big. (of course I own 3 game worn jerseys so those just come that way LOL and the other 7 I own are big too- can you tell I’m a bit of a hockey sweater collector?) Hockey jerseys are supposed to be big! And REAL hockey fans aren’t at the games to look hot and “be seen” anyway!

    Besides, if you wore one of those things, people would be looking away in revulsion rather than looking AT you! LOL

    but that’s just my take on things.

    I tried to post that last night but it kept telling me the page didn’t exist? Weird.

  7. Sam, that’s so cool you collect hockey sweaters! I’ve toyed with starting to do that, but I figure I should finish school first so I don’t go broke. Heh. I would love to get a Trev Linden game worn one.

    That’s weird you couldn’t post last night. It wouldn’t format properly, so I might have had it offline trying to fix it when you came by to comment. That’s the only thing I can think of.

  8. I actually like the shape/style of those shirts (not jerseys), but I just don’t get why they are baby-blanket colors. They should be team colors. You can have authentic jerseys AND cute tops, but in team colors! Is that so hard?

    And Matty leaning back with his hand in his pocket like that is almost too much to take.

  9. Patty, it shouldn’t be so hard, but apparently it is! GAH!

    Cool Matty is VERY hard to resist. Hee.

    Q-girl, ummmmm YUMM!! This would be the one occasion I would be ok with a pink jersey. Now if only I had extra money laying around…

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