Gillis Is A Crazy Millionaire And I Love It. Plus Other Random Things.

–  Mike Gillis in the Vancouver Sun.

“This year, we have a pretty good schedule, but more importantly we are doing everything possible to to travel as well as we can. To that end, we’re bringing in a company called Global Fatigue Management to look at all our players and their sleep habits and how we travel, and try to help us design the best possible schedule that we can come up with to keep our players fresh.”

I love it.  He’s crazy and eccentric and isn’t afraid to try wacky things.  Gillis is entertaining.  Who knows if it will actually translate into running a successful team, but at least he’s not just trying the same old same old. 

– That same article also mentioned that Mars Sundin didn’t want to come to Vancouver mainly because of the travel.  Well, well.  If Mars actually does figure out what the word decision means, do we even want that big bald Swedish baby?  I think I’ll take my guys that can handle a bit of extra travel, thanks.

– Now that the Canucks have gone 6-0 with their brand new “Shocking and One Only A Hippie Franchise Would Choose” goalie captain, this is how the lines seem to be shaking out for opening night.  Obviously you never know with AV, but this is my best guess.

Wonder Twin-Wonder Twin-Big Bear Bernier




*Wellwood kind of floats around and slots in for the power play/shootout?

This lineup won’t knock your socks off, but it’s not absolutely horrifying.  Big Bear seems to be meshing well with the wonder twins, and Demitra and Raymond have been showing off some sick moves together in the pre season.  Hansen has already become a hetero life triplet with Burr and Kes on the checking line.  There’s some good things brewing.

–  Opening day is tomorrow!  The Canucks don’t play until Thursday, but there will other real life, exciting, actually matters in the standings hockey on.  It’s beautiful.  I better get that center ice online ordered.  Hopefully the boys have some winning left for the real season.  It would be so like them to finally fall apart when the games actually count.  But you never know, this new version of the Vancouver There’s Always Next Years could surprise us.


3 thoughts on “Gillis Is A Crazy Millionaire And I Love It. Plus Other Random Things.

  1. Are we all just plugging our ears and looking the other way over the fact that the Sabres (and maybe other teams) have a preseason game on Sunday…????

  2. Anne, heh. The Canucks play on Sunday too against the Ducks. I’m just kind of over the pre season :)

    You’re so right, wrap. That image of crazy millionaire Gillis wandering around his mansion is still making me giggle.

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