The Brabarian Is Leaving Vancouver

TSN is reporting that the Canucks placed Jeff Cowan on waivers today.  Not really a surprise, perhaps a surprise that it took so long.  He was terrible last season, and didn’t really show enough in the pre season to take a roster spot over one of the young gritty boys that can chuck the fists.  It was probably a mistake to give him a two year deal.  He will always have the memory of the game when the entirety of GM Place was chanting his name, and a woman threw her bra on the ice in his honour.  Not a lot of NHLers can say that.

The Canucks also lost Nathan McIver to the Ducks when he was put on the waiver wire.  I’m a little sad about losing Nate Dogg.  Sure, with the depth on d, we probably wouldn’t have seen him play for the Canucks this season unless something absolutely catastrophic happened, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the baby Canuck.  Non flashy, physical d men that can fight always make me purr.  This is just another reason to hate the Ducks.

Mmmmm, I love opening day.  Finally some real season hockey to lust over.  It’s like Christmas.  Nazzy scored a goal and was third star in the Rangers win over Tampa.  Good for him and good for my fantasy team.  Nazzy is a newly minted Wheaty Bitch after I traded Petr Sykora for him.  It might have been a silly move rooted in my Nazzy love, rather than a smart hockey move, but so far it’s paying off.  When I saw Sundin’s bald indecisive face in the crowd, I felt rage.  Life is good.


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