Canucks Vs. Ducks. End Of Preseason. Pictures By Period.

First Period

My Reaction After Matty’s Massive Hit on Corey “Bitch” Perry

My Reaction After The Refs Gave Matty A 5 Minute Boarding Major After A Clean Hit That Wasn’t Against The Boards.

How I Felt When Mo Scored As A Duck

 Second Period

My Face After the Hordichuk/Parros fight

A Middle School. Mason Raymond’s first goal was so hot I want to take the goal behind the middle school and get it pregnant.

I got a phone call and missed the the third period.  But here’s a picture that reflects my reaction to Nate Dogg scoring the winning goal in OT after we just lost him to the Ducks on the waiver wire.

 So, it wasn’t the magical 7-0, but 6-1 is still a pretty damn good pre season.  Lui looked quite average, but I’m sure he’ll be better on opening night.  He’s P.I.M.P with that C on his mask.  The guys are skating so well, and might actually make me gasp in excitement this season.  They should lay off the penalties on Thursday, and they will be fine.  Cody Hodgson was signed to his entry level deal, which is lovely.  I don’t think we’ll see him this season, but it’s good he’s signed.  The boy is a keeper.  On Thursday it starts to get really fun.  Although it will also be really emotional with the tribute to Luc Bourdon.


4 thoughts on “Canucks Vs. Ducks. End Of Preseason. Pictures By Period.

  1. Alix, unless I’m totally wrong about you I think it’d be pretty darn impossible for you to get anyone or anything pregnant =P but I understand your point.

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