–  Shane O’Brien is now a Canuck, and Kracker Jack is going to Tampa.  I like this trade a lot.  Lukas always seemed like a sweet guy, and I loved watching him skate, but he just didn’t really fit with the Canucks top 6.  He wasn’t going to push one of the guys out of the top 4, and he’ll get more ice time in Tampa.  I liked watching Shane O’Brien when he was a Duck.  He’s a big physical guy and he’ll fit in nicely.  It doesn’t hurt that he’s pretty either.  Plus, he’s already giving quotes in the media about how good Matty Ohlund is, and how he loves listening to Johnny Cash.  He’s my kind of guy.  What’s not to like?

–  The Canucks aren’t going to get pushed around by the Sharks and The Ducks of the world this season.  Mama likes.  With Hordichuk, Davison, O’Brien, Bieksa, and even Kes, Burr, and Big Bear, the Sedins and Lui are probably swooning over how much protection they’ll have this season.  You just know on Valentine’s Day, Lui and the wonder twins are leaving Valentines in those guy’s lockers. “I Heart Hordi”, “I Choo-Choo Choose O’Brien”, “Burr has Burrowed Into My Heart”

–  Cody Hodgson was sent back to junior, which I think was the right decision.  He seems like a lovely guy, and management and all the guys on the team already adore him, but he’ll be better off playing huge minutes in junior rather than 5 minutes in the NHL.  I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he makes the team next season.

–  I’m loving the new defence, and I think a couple of guys up front are going to surprise.  I wish Thursday would hurry up and get here.


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