Opening Night!

It’s finally here.  After what seems like the longest, most drama filled off season ever, real honest to goodness, points in the standings, care about the results, hockey is here.  Opening night is always exciting, but this one feels a little strange being a Canucks fan.  I’m delighted I finally get to see if this team was just a massive cock tease during the pre season, or if they’re really going to make us get up and shout this season, but it’s going to be extremely emotional with the Luc Bourdon tribute.  I’ve been thinking about Luc a lot during the pre season.  If life were fair he would be standing at center ice tonight.  My heart breaks for his mother and girlfriend.  I’ve never been one that believes in that whole heaven and hell thing, but it would be a nice idea that Luc is up there somewhere watching the game.  It will be hard for the guys to play immediately after the moment of silence, but all they have to do is remember the last real season meeting against the Flames, and how humiliating it was.  Going balls to the wall insane in the opening five minutes and shit kicking the Flames in honour of Luc is the right thing to do.

And I’m bawling my eyes out.  Very sweet.  It’s nice the organization is so classy.  They make me proud.  Poor Burr looked devasted.  Luc’s girlfriend is gorgeous.  That “Luuuuuuucc” moment with the crowd was incredibly moving.  I had goosebumps.  The video was so beautiful and having Tom Cochrane sing Big League while it played was heartwrenching, but a very nice touch.  Overall, it was as lovely as these types of things can be.

A very nice wonder twin goal, but other than that the Canucks scattered and quite freakin sloppy.  They’re already causing my blood pressure to soar.  If they don’t have a better second, they’re quite screwed.

2nd period – Now that’s more like it!  The Sedins and Big Bear just made Kipper their bitch!

AHAHAHAHA!! Alex Freakin Burrows! Delightful! That was for Luc right there.

What a great way to start the season.  Captain Goalie got a shutout, and after the first period all the Canucks looked great.  What was that fact going around about the Canucks not being able to score more than 2 goals?

Alex Burrows and Matty Ohlund looked fantastic.  Matty was laying guys out left and right, and Burr’s two goals were beautiful. 

Kes was all over the ice, and his face took a beating more than once, but he just kept on going out over the boards with the same intensity. 

You know something is going right when Rick Rypien of all people score shorthanded!

Big Bear really endeared himself to Canucks fans taking on Dion Phaneuf, who definitely outmatched him.  O’Brien didn’t look out of place at all in his first game as a Canuck as was already setting a physical tone.  Every time a Sedin or a goalie got shoved, there was a Canuck there to push back.  That just didn’t happen last season.  Jannik Hansen even got a roughing major when Lui got shoved!  I was entertained start to finish.  

With such an emotional start to the game, they could have had an excuse if they lost, but after the first period they played their asses off.  They wanted to make sure they won on this night and they did it.  I’m so proud.  I want to give them all hugs.  I know it’s only one game of 82, but there’s something good happening here.


6 thoughts on “Opening Night!

  1. I had a little sleep early last night and set my alarm for 3:30 am when it started here just so I could watch Luc’s tribute live.

    Cried my eyes out, watched the first period and then went back to bed not sure which way the game would go.

    checked the score this morning and wished I had stayed up the whole night!!! :D :D :D

    I have it recorded though – looking forward to watching it :)

  2. You missed a good one, Life_as_a_redhead!

    Sarah, wasn’t the ceremony just absolutely perfect? I don’t think it could have gone any better. I too bawled my eyes out.

    I’m glad you have it recorded. The 2nd and 3rd were very fun to watch.

    Heh. Me too, Mike. Hopefully there’s a few more of those this season.

  3. I watched it from about halfway through the first on, so I missed the tribute, but the rest of the game was worth catching. I was surprised that Phaneuf actually dropped the gloves, til I saw the size mismatch – credit to Bernier for trying, at least; I could have done without the CBC announcers gushing over DP though. Tough customer my bootie, only when the other guy has his head down or he knows the refs will keep the other guy away. Hopefully next Van-Cgy game Hordichuk can convince Phaneuf to go.

    Rypien’s goal was pretty typical of the Calgary night: make a mistake, cough up a rush the wrong way, and Vancouver made Kipper’s GAA suffer.

  4. I was proud of Bernier for sure. You’re bang on with Phaneuf. It’s always irritated me that he gets praised for being such a tough guy, when he always goes after guys smaller than him, instead of the Hordichuks/Laraques etc.

    I actually felt bad for Kipper in this game. I only saw one goal that you could say was his fault. Keenan and the Calgary d left him to be embarrassed.

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