Mish Mash

– Someone managed to get Luc’s tribute in its entirety on YouTube.  It’s just as beautiful on the second viewing, and still makes me bawl.  One of my absolute favourite things in hockey is when the guys do the stick tap on the ice. 


– We get at least four more years to watch little baby Edler.  Good stuff.  He was a very pleasant surprise.  I’m happy I get to keep my Swede quotient high.  Probably the only Swede I kind of want to spit on is Mats Sundin.  Now we just have to get Matty Ohlund, Burr, and the wonder twins extended, and I will give Gillis and his merry leadership filled assistants a giant high five.

– You have to love these quotes from Big Bear and the Great Dane Jannik Hansen in the Vancouver Province.

“In my mind, it was a bad hit in the middle against one of our best players and as a teammate, you don’t have any choice,” said Bernier. “You’ve got to defend your teammate and know if I get hit, somebody will defend me.

“If we keep sticking together like that, we might score six goals, but we’re going to be a team and you can never know what will happen next.”

“Stuff happens,” shrugged Hansen. “I came around the net and saw him [Langkow] hitting Lui, so I had no other option but to go after him.”

It’s beautiful bro/teammate love!  I adore how they talk about having no choice, like they’re wild west cowboys or something.  Much love for those two.

– Speaking of much love, I am just bursting with it for Alex Burrows after reading this article in the Vancouver Sun.  It’s kind of impossible to hate Burr, he’s too much of a sweetheart.  I will always hope happy things come his way.  He’s just a class act.

“He used to do this move after he scored goals in junior like he was pulling the bow and shooting,” Burrows said. “It was just a little tribute to him. I thought about it right away after I scored. I remember he used to do that all the time.”

Burrows also retrieved the puck after his first goal. “I think I will give it to his girlfriend or maybe his mom.”.

Burrows had dinner Wednesday night with Bourdon’s mother, Suzanne Boucher, and his girlfriend, Charlene Ward.

“They were were wishing for me to score a goal tonight, last night at dinner,” he said. “That was maybe a little gift for them.”

– I doubt the Flames will be as easy to rout today as they were on Thursday, but hopefully the Canucks can somehow pull out a win again.  I like seeing the Canucks at the top of the standings when I go on NHL.com.


4 thoughts on “Mish Mash

  1. Yup. It really was well done. After the first period, apparently they all said let’s get it together and win this for Luc. Best team effort I’ve seen from them in ages.

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