Canucks/Flames Round 2

This Picture Makes Me So Happy I Want To Buy A Bunch Of Puppies, Adopt An African Baby, Cure Cancer, And Sing Songs At The Top Of My Lungs


I don’t like the number of divisional games, but it will definitely be fun to play the Flames this season.  This game had speed, tons of hits, fights.  Good stuff.  It maybe wasn’t as pretty as Thursday’s game, but still nice to get the win.

The wonder twins and Big Bear look fantastic.  Danny Sedin already has 5 points, and the three of them have combined for 11 points already.

Willie Mitchell was a freakin rock star taking on Iginla.  He was actually winning the fight, until Iginla got that one massive punch in.

Burr, Kes, and the Great Dane are so fun to watch.  They skate around the ice like three dogs chasing after meat. 

That little baby goon Rick Rypien is on pace for 82 goals.  Hee.  And he absolutely destroyed the baby Flame he fought. 

Shane O’Brien looks like he’s starting to fit in nicely.  Matty Ohlund and Sami Salo looked pretty solid.  Alex Edler looked like he had a tough start, but made some nice plays to make up for it later in the game.

Ryan Johnson is a very good addition to this team.  His defensive play makes me drool, and we know the guy can act well enough to send Bert to the box.  Heh.

Lui looked a little bit average (for his standards). 

The power play was brutal.  I actually wanted to cry.  I don’t know why they got away from their dynamic, creative power play from the pre season. 

The second line looked like a scattered mess.  It just seemed like Pyatt, Demitra, and Raymond all picked the same night to have a bad game.  But it’s early on, I’m sure they’ll get it together.  Demitra was kind of lucky he got that OT winner.  I did love his face when he scored though, and the fact that he yelled a bad word that rhymes with brothertrucker.  Hilarious!

I really hope Bieksa’s injury is not serious.  We’ve had enough bad luck with the d men. 

The reffing was terrible tonight.  The Canucks got away with Burr tripping up a Flame in OT which I would feel bad about, if they hadn’t made ridiculous calls against Matty Ohlund and Henrik Sedin earlier in the game.

I’m not sure if I can take a whole season of Mark Lee and Marc Crawford doing play by play.  Both their voices make me want to scratch my ears off.  And Marc Crawford praising Bert’s physical play is the very definiton of uncomfortably hilarious.

There were some bad things about this game, but 11 goals in 2 games for a team that was supposed to have trouble scoring is pretty great.  And the fact that they were able to come back from 3-1 was reassuring.  So many times last season, you knew that version of the Canucks was doomed if they got behind by two goals.  By the way, the parade route should definitely go down Georgia.


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