Canucks/Caps Let’s Just Forget This One, Shall We?

Wow, was that ever ugly.  I don’t really want to talk about it.  10 shots in a game is embarrassing.  I’m not to sure what happened to the entertaining and gritty and downright enjoyable team we saw through the pre season and against the Flames.  Maybe the travel got to them or maybe they just burnt out after the emotional start with the Luc Bourdon ceremony and everything.  Little Baby Edler got his first goal of the season which was nice.  That was the end of the nice.  I’m glad I decided not to pay the PPV money for this one.  At least they didn’t let Ovechkin score? 

I had to stare at this little guy a lot after the second period to calm my anger.

Way Cuter Than The Canucks Game Tonight

The best thing they can do is forget this one ever happened, and get pumped up to beat the Wings on Thursday.  I’d rather they beat the Wings anyways.


3 thoughts on “Canucks/Caps Let’s Just Forget This One, Shall We?

  1. I was surprised they got as many as 10 shots. I watched the first couple of periods and they were just unable to get into the zone. The Caps were apparently going under the “best defense is a good offense” principle, because they were dominating the Canucks in their own end, and any time the nucks players were able to clear the zone, the puck would get dumped or carried right back in. You’re right, best to forget about that one (as a fan) and move on. For the Canucks’ sakes, hopefully they learn from that one. (But not before their next game against the Oilers. ;) )

  2. Yup, that’s exactly what I saw too, Mike P. They just couldn’t make any good plays, whatever they tried. Hopefully this game was just a one off and they put this one behind them and come out strong against the Wings. But beating the Oilers is so much fun ;)

    Kirsten, isn’t it? I didn’t even really care about the Canucks losing after I saw the little cutie. Heh.

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