This game was fun!  It turns out the team we saw against the Flames might really be the Canucks team we’ll see all season, and not the pathetic version we saw against the Capitals.  That’s a relief.  I thought they matched the Wings and their speed, and were still very physical as well. 

Alex Burrows had an awesome, sneaky game winning goal in OT, and was all over the ice the whole game.  He also had an assist on Jannik Hansen’s goal.  I can’t say enough about this guy.  In his rookie year, people in Vancouver had a drinking game for every time he fell down on the ice with no one around him.  Look at him now.  He’s making beautiful plays, and scoring goals, and deserves every second of it. 

Burr was first star, but his linemates weren’t shabby either.  Kes always seems to have a great game in Detroit, probably because he’s from Michigan and always has friends and family there.  His tip in goal was hardworking and snazzy.  Jannik Hansen, the Great Dane, got his first NHL goal.  It was quite pretty.  That was great to see.  He’s been a favourite of mine ever since he was called up for the playoffs against Dallas, and with his injuries last season this was a long time coming.  Hansen has seemed to settle in so well on that line already.

The wonder twins and Big Bear were making some nice plays, but just couldn’t beat Osgood for some reason.  Not the end of the world, because they have racked up some points already, but hopefully they can score one in Buffalo.  Hank Sedin needs to stop taking those stupid minor penalties in the offensive zone. 

The defence as a whole played quite well.  Willie Mitchell got two assists which you don’t usually see.  He quite often has good games, but he’s always doing things that don’t show up on the score sheet.  I hope Sami Salo is fine after colliding with his teammate all awkwardly.  Alex Edler looked extremely sharp.  I saw him block more then one shot, and he was just calmly steering Wings away from the puck left and right.  His contract extension was definitely a good move.  They had a mix up on one power play and Pavel Datsyuk was able to set up Dan Cleary to score shorthanded, which will hopefully not happen a lot. 

I’m glad the second line was finally able to mesh and get a goal.  The Vancouver masses were getting ready to send Taylor Pyatt to Siberia, send Mason Raymond back to Manitoba, and tar and feather Pavol Demitra.  It was a nice goal too.  Very much off the rush, and a beautiful hard shot by Mason Raymond. 

For some reason Lui isn’t looking absolutely killer/kick ass.  He certainly doesn’t look bad, maybe just not as crazy sharp as he usually is.  But the guys are giving him enough goals so everything is peachy keen. 

The fourth line still makes me smile.  Darcy Hordichuk and Ryan Johnson are fast becoming two of my favourite guys on the team.  The Vancouver Province had a great article about Ryan Johnson and his guts.  You have to love a guy that itches to get puck shaped bruises on his legs.  During one scrum after the whistle, the camera focused on Darcy Hordichuk, and he looked like he wanted to absolutely kill someone.  Hilarious.  It pays off to have a guy like that on the team.  And Rick Rypien is still not injured, which I think is a record for him.  He’s a gritty little scrapper. 

You have to be pleased about beating the Stanley Cup champions in their own rink.  I know it’s very early in the season, but this is fun to watch.  What a difference from last year.  They should play just like this in Buffalo tomorrow, and it will be a close game.


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