Quick Recap. I feel Rage.

Let’s see here.  The Canucks lose again and look quite pathetic and out of sync against the speedy babyHawks.  I was really hoping for a good game tonight, but alas, the boys did not deliver.

1.  Whoever is in charge of the power play needs to be punched in the face.  They can’t even get set up, and then when they finally do set up, none of their shots get through.  It makes my eyes bleed.

2.  If they’re not going to score 5 goals a night, they better stop giving up so many.  The defence is making a bunch of mistakes, but Lui’s been damn average.  Vancouver isn’t supposed to get an average goalie.  That’s not what he pay him for.  Captain Goalie is underwhelming me.

3.  In seasons past, I lusted after the Canucks PK.  Not right now.  Power play goals are going in like crazy. 

4.  Has anybody seen the Sedins?

5.  Oh and Sami Salo, Darcy Hordichuk, and Pavol Demitra are all injured.  Has that many injuries ever happened in one game?  Plus poor little Rick Rypien was so sick they flew him back to Vancouver before the game.  He must be in bad shape if he flew home instead of just lying miserably in the hotel room.

6.  At least the road trip is finally over on Tuesday.  I need a drink.


5 thoughts on “Quick Recap. I feel Rage.

  1. Zach, that’s good to hear. Hee!

    I kind of adore Jonathan Toews too, Kirsten! Just not when he’s making my team look stupid. The boy is very pretty.

  2. It’s definitely the stare that works on me. And yes, I will totally join your Toews fan club. I’ll wear a pin and sell cookies and everything.

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