Canucks/Blue Jackets preview. The Forward Line Up Makes Me Weep.

It would be delightful if the Canucks could remember what the winning spirit feels like tonight against the Blue Jackets, and avoid three straight losses, but it will be a struggle considering the sudden upswing in injuries.  I’m not surprised anymore when this team is injured, but it’s maybe a little shocking that it happened only 6 games in.  You can set your watch on Sami Salo getting injured, and it’s come to The Humming Giraffe’s attention that Pavol Demitra is made up of primarily cotton candy and duct tape, but I’m  quite upset about losing my favourite tough guy Darcy Hordichuk.  Watching his crazy death glares in the middle of scrums made me want to clap my hands in glee. 

Here is the forward line up Vancouver is predicted to roll out tonight, after calling up Wellwood and Krog and losing Petting Zoo to the Lightning on waivers.  Who knows what the Lightning is up to these days, but I still adore them (Drafting a family member always helps your cause.  And having Vinny Lecavalier is just a bonus)  Anyways, back to the forwards.

Wonder Twin-Wonder Twin-Big Bear




*Or some variation on this lineup.

Well, shield your eyes and hope for the best.  I don’t think this line up scares anyone.  Hold me.

Updated 5:45

AHAHAHAHAHA! Kyle Wellwood scores on the power play. That’s almost poetic.  Beautiful pass from Kes too. Our extremely productive(HA!) power play is now a lovely 2-30.

I love Bieksa so much. He absolutely destroys a Blue Jacket with an open ice hit, and then totally wins the fight against Picard, after Picard got his panties in a bunch about the hit. Heh. He might make some scary turnovers, but he’s fun to watch.

I don’t love our 6 million dollar goalie letting in 35 ft slap shots with no one screening him nearly as much.  God, that was Cloutier-esque. 

Let’s hope they can tighten up defensively in the 2nd and get back in this.

Updated 7:29

Close but no dice. They did play much better in the 3rd, and would have tied it up if Leclaire robbing guys left and right. 

I wish they would stop getting off to such bad starts though.  They’re not talented enough to always drag themselves out of a hole.  It is nice that they are fighting back, unlike last year, but if only they kicked into gear before the third period.

Thank goodness this epic road trip is over, and they’re on the way back to Vancouver for some much needed home cooking.

Oh and Wellwood had 2 points tonight and looked great. Heh. I wonder if AV is going to manage to put up with him for any length of time.

A disappointing road trip, but as long as they totally dismantle the Oilers at home on Sunday, I’ll be happy.  Those filthy Oilers have to lose sometime, right?


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