Canucks/Oilers Thoughts

I’ll be honest, I was busy most of the night, and only saw the game in bits and pieces, so be prepared for spotty at best analysis.  From what I got to see, it was entertaining yet sloppy.

– I am so in love with the third line.  They do everything, shut down other lines, play dangerously even strength, penalty kill, and they look great doing it. 

Jannik Hansen is a total cutie pie, and it was nice to see him get two goals.  He had been working hard, just none of the scoring chances were hitting the net.

What more can you say about Kes?  The boy only has 9 points in 8 games to lead the team.  Everyone thought last season was his break out, career year, but maybe he hasn’t even hit his ceiling yet. 

Too bad Burr missed on that glorious chance he had against Garon, but being oh so charming on After Hours can make up for a lot.  Not to mention he’s tied with Hank Sedin for points, with only a $500 000 cap hit.

Is it possible to be in love with a whole line at once?

– The one chance I got to actually sit down and focus on the game for a few minutes last night, what did I get to see?  Matty Ohlund getting in a totally foxy fight with Eric Cole and making Cole look silly.  He doesn’t get mad often, so when he does, I adore it. He was also the only defenceman to finish +1.

– This will be shocking to hear, but I am delighted by Kyle Wellwood.  I am now fully pulling for him to stick around, silly chubby cheeks and all.  The only time the power play looks remotely dangerous is when Wellwood is dressed.  He’s also just totally quirky and an interesting interview.  Maybe he’s finally figured things out.

– Mason Raymond scored two beautiful goals.  He’s still making mistakes, but if the Canucks stay patient, he should be very fun to watch for a long time.

– Were the Sedins kicked out of IKEA for life sending them into a spiral of depression?  I don’t know why they’re struggling so much.

– The GA still concerns me, and I know Lui has slow starts, but October is almost at an end.  A GAA of 3.29 and a .889 save percentage are not pretty numbers.  I know there have been games with bad defensive coverage, even so, he still has to stop letting those soft goals in.  It does please me they’re somehow near the top of the league in GF. 

–  The 7 riddle was revealed to be the fans acting as a 7th man.  It seems kind of silly and corny to me, yet maybe it will make GM Place louder during home games, and it is nice the Canucks acknowledged they have caused their fans 38 years of anguish.  I’m still hoping to get my liquor bill taken care of though.

–  I hate the Oilers more and more each time we play them, and Eric Cole is definitely top of that list after elbowing Matty Ohlund in the head.  They are even coming close to Calgary in my hierarchy of hate.  Although the more you hate them, the more fun it is to beat them. 

– Let’s hope they found the winning spirit within again and keep it up against the Bruins.


7 thoughts on “Canucks/Oilers Thoughts

  1. I only saw parts of the game as well and at one point I thought that they mentioned that Matty Ohlund broke his finger from the fight. I can’t seem to find anywhere else that it is even mentioned and was wondering whether you had heard that too or am I going crazy?

  2. aargghh – my mate from Edmonton emailed me the result :O

    and I still haven’t seen the game.

    but glad to hear my boy’s line is still on fiyah!

    will watch tomorrow night and enjoy enjoy enjoy

    I hope Matty is ok!!!!!!

    your t shirt is finished Madame – and it has turned out so nice that if I could fit into it I would keep it lol

    I just need your address and then it will go straight in the post.

    (you can see it on my blog if you want a sneak peek)

  3. WOOOOO!! Sarah, I’m SO excited!

    And I still have to gather your Hockey Newses from my various households but I will send them ASAP. EEEE.

    I think Matty should be fine.

    Kesler is such a beast. It’s delightful to watch.

    Clare, I remember the announcers were talking about Matty’s finger being hurt when he went to the box, but I never heard anything else about it. He scored on Lui in the shootout today at open practice so it sounds like he’s just fine. Hopefully.

  4. They were saying his finger was already broken. You could see in the box he was taking off old tape and putting new stuff on. Cole deserved to be turned on for what he did, and to get kicked out of the game for not doing up his tie-down (c’mon, who doesn’t know that rule yet) but I wasn’t impressed with the guy wearing a visor starting the fight. Part of the reason Cole couldn’t do much is he needs his hands to play and Ohlund actually does up his chin strap.

    That being said, Canucks totally deserved that game.

  5. They were saying his finger was already broken. You could see in the box he was taking off old tape and putting new stuff on.

    Oh ok. I totally missed that. Thanks, MikeP.

    but I wasn’t impressed with the guy wearing a visor starting the fight.

    I do agree that guys should just take their helmets off before they start fighting. Fair is fair.

    And sorry for the Oilers hate. Heh. I totally still like Oilers fans And I do like Lubo. And Horcoff.

  6. Nah, hate the Oilers all you want, even though the Canucks were my second-favourite team for years and I still… don’t hate them, I guess. Not to guilt you or anything. :)

    My favourite hockey fight involving helmet removal was Danny Briere taking on Mike Comrie. It’s probably on Youtube, if you haven’t seen it. Maybe even

  7. Oh I already feel guilty! Especially because you like Ohlund(You’re so smart). This blogging thing sure makes the hating harder, with making friendies with rival fans and all. :D

    I’ll just try to focus my hate on Calgary more. Not that it will be difficult. And feel free to share some Oilers saving puppies from burning buildings stories to change my mind :)

    I hadn’t seen that fight. It was surprisingly good considering the players involved.

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