Wow. That was very entertaining.  The only thing more entertaining than that game would have been watching paint dry.  Or alphabetizing my CD collection.  Or hearing about that old lady’s spoon collection.  I really enjoy watching my team either shoot the puck wide or right into the other goalie’s pads.  Repeatedly.  For sixty minutes.  I’m so pleased my team couldn’t score one teeny tiny goal on Tim Thomas the Bear Hunter.  This was exactly how I wanted to spend my Tuesday night.  I love that the Bruins trap the will to live right out of you.

(Lucic and Bergeron, I still dig you. Hugs and kisses. Call me.)

3 thoughts on “Canucks/Bruins

  1. Well at least I finally got visual confirmation of the exsistance of the Sedin Twins, although after last night I can see why you wondered where they are.

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