Clearly the Canucks were just toying with me before, and they will now start their slow climb out of the basement, and into a nice secure playoff spot.  Heh.  If only I actually believed this.  It was a well played game though. 

The special teams looked foxy tonight, it was nice to see the power play clicking, and the penalty kill was very strong.  I love watching Burr on the penalty kill.  He’s like a junk yard dog on the puck, and just keeps pressuring the guys until he gets the puck down the ice.  Since this team does seem to like taking stupid penalties frequently, this is reassuring.

Mason Raymond’s goal was GORGEOUS!  He completely faked out Oscar Moller, pretending to shoot, and then he stickhandled right around him and roofed a wrist shot at the net.  I love that little guy.  He already has 7 points.  Last season he had 9 all year.  They also gave assists to the Great Dane and little baby Edler.  It’s nice to see the Canucks getting contributions from their babies.  That has been a long time coming for the most part.

The Sedins finally came out of their coma, and looked great.  Danny Sedin got a garbage goal on the power play, but a goal is a goal.  And Hank had 2 assists.  Good job Swedes.  Their passing sequence with Wellwood on one of the power plays was beautiful.  Thank goodness Wellwood knows how to bury the puck, and it turned into a nice goal for him.  Oh Wellwood.  I kind of adore you.  Apparently you shouldn’t have been waived.

Who knew that Big Bear would benefit from being taken off the Sedin line.  He looked almost like a different player on his new line.  There were some very nice plays from him off the rush with Wellwood and Pyatt.  It’s too bad that goal right at the buzzer didn’t count for him.  The Canucks didn’t really need it because they were already up 3-0, but Big Bear deserved it.

Pyatt finally had a strong game, and I hope people let up on the big guy just a little bit.  He got a goal, on quite a snazzy behind the back tip of Willie Mitchell’s shot, he was skating better, and he had some nice shifts on the penalty kill. 

Willie Mitchell looked quite studly tonight.  There were a few shifts where his stick was all over the place, and he was clearing pucks away from Lui like crazy.  The defence seemed to play much better as a group tonight, there was a lot less mad scrambling in front of Lui’s net.  A few less minor penalties and they will be golden.

Lui has finally remembered that he really is an elite goalie.  You saw glimpses of it during the Boston game, but he was outstanding in this one.  A few times his goal posts were his friends, but he also made some gorgeous saves.  His glove save on Moller late in the third was stunning.  He had me dropping my jaw and clapping my hands in glee all at the same time, or something silly like that.  This was 40th career shut out, which isn’t too shabby.

I think my favourite player to watch tonight on the Kings was Drew Doughty.  That’s some pretty defence he’s got going on.  And he’s only 18.  That’s rather awesome.

Good job, boys.  I didn’t have high hopes for you beating the Kings (which should depress you fully), but you did it.  Now let’s just see if you can grab on to some consistency and keep playing like this against the Ducks.  Halloween is totes tied with Christmas as my favourite holiday, so you know you want to win tomorrow just for me.


3 thoughts on “Canucks/Kings

  1. I was so excited for my baby Canuck Mason!! He’s so adorable Alix!! I want to wrap him in a blanket and feed him soup and shield him from the streets that can be so cruel.

    Also I really really REALLY think that FINALLY Taylor is coming into his own and this makes me so happy.

  2. M.J, I know! He’s sooo adorable! I can’t believe he’s married and such. I keep thinking he’s about 14.

    Pyatt finally had a really good couple of games, and I hope it keeps up. Poor button is getting ripped to shreds by most of the fans.

    Pookie, that’s so strange you just randomly looked at the Canucks website :P Thanks!

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