Three Thursday Things

1.  OK, Ottawa.  I think you can stop with the silly rumours about Matty Ohlund getting traded to the Senators now. 

To say Vancouver Canucks general manager Mike Gillis was annoyed with a weekend report suggesting veteran defenseman Mattias Ohlund is available for trade is an understatement.

“We have no intention of trading Ohlund,” is how Gillis responded when asked to address the rumor. TSN

Thank you!  Feel free to go back to hitting on Jason Spezza, Ottawa Sun.  Still, Gillis, you could just help a girl out and get that contract done ASAP.

 How Can You Say No To Extending This Guy?

 2.  Everyone should check out Zamboni Harmony, where hockey fans fill out hilariously inappropriate hockey related dating surveys.  Wraparoundcurl and Lori are pioneers.  It’s going to be the next big thing for daters everywhere, I guarantee it.

3.  Canucks/Kings tonight.  Normally, no one should be scared of the Kings, yet considering the Canucks decided to only narrowly miss being swept by the Kings last season, I’ll admit, I’m a little bit scared.  Raymond is skating with the twins, which I don’t understand at all.  He is a speedy little guy, and isn’t a cycling ninja.  The twins are kind of slow.  It doesn’t mesh in my head, but whatever.  We’ll go with it.  It’s too early in the season to be yelling “Feu Vigneault!”

UPDATED: I just discovered the Canucks are 2 points out of the basement! That’s entirely depressing. Sigh. Well, there’s still one day left in October. I only let myself get full out irrational about the Canucks starting in November.


5 thoughts on “Three Thursday Things

  1. Yeah. Not liking the Raymond with Sedins line on paper. I mean, it was tried, albeit a short time only, last year already and no dice. But who knows? Now taht Raymond has got his mojo working… it may bring about good things.

    :P I think they need to try Pyatt with the Sedins again. They miss each other, don’t you think?

  2. Yeah, I think you’re right, wrap. Matty looooves Vancouver.

    Rinslet, that’s true. Raymond is very mojo filled right now.

    I do think the twinsies and Pysie miss each other! I think he would be more comfortable with them, and I would like to see if Wellwood and Raymond can put their skill together. Give them Big Bear if they need a big guy.

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