Of All The Games To Miss!

I was out Friday night doing various Halloween things, and missed the Canucks/Ducks game.  It sounds like I missed a crazy one.  I have no idea how they lost a three goal lead.  That is a little troubling, but it’s also pretty rocking they scored seven goals.  The positive thing coming out of October is the fact that they’re winning games because the young guys are playing well.  Kesler, Burrows, Edler, Raymond, Hansen, and Bieksa have been fantastic.  Lui and the Sedins aren’t even playing their best hockey, but it hasn’t hurt them. Oh and I’m totally choked I missed Matty Ohlund’s first ever shootout winner!  He’s playing with a torn ligament on his finger, and he scored in regulation too.  What a stud. 

OK, seriously though, 4th in the league in Goals for?  Where did this come from?  Mike Babcock praising the Canucks for being entertaining?  It’s strange.  Nice.  But strange.  Now if they could just stop with the parade to the penalty box, and cut down on the goals against, they will be in very good shape.

The Wings will be tough, but the Canucks always play them hard, and if they don’t start taking stupid penalties they’ll have a chance.

One more slightly off topic thing.  The treatment of one of the dudes over at Covered In Oil by the Oilers has been a huge topic in the blogosphere lately.  It opened a lot of discussion about how the NHL approaches new media, and blogging, and how certain clubs treat their fans.  I just wanted to mention I think the Canucks are doing a good job recently.  They have a new Fan Zone section on their website, that lists fan and player blogs and websites and podcasts, including little old me, and some Canucks fans have even appeared on buses and in Skytrain stations in Vancouver.  They seem to have a good thing going. (I’ll take my free tickets now :P )


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