The game last night was Matty Ohlund’s 700th career game!  He’s all grown up.  All of those games in a Canucks sweater.  Hopefully he gets a shiny new contract and can get to 1000 games as a Canuck.


                                                                    Drinks All Around!

The Canucks kept up with the Wings for the most part 5 0n 5, but their special teams were dreadful, and you can’t let that happen against the Wings.  Their power play is a car full of clowns scary.  The Canucks played extremely well in the third, and tried everything they could to tie it up, but they should just start playing like that in the first.  It is satisfying watching this year’s team battle back.  That never happened last season.  Last year, when it was 2-0 Wings, you changed the channel.

I love watching Kes play.  He didn’t get any points last night, but it’s just a treat to watch him do all the little things so right.

It’s refreshing seeing the guys pissed if the opposition gets anywhere close to Lui’s grill.  That’s another thing that you just didn’t see over the past couple of seasons.  It seemed like guys could run right over him whenever they wanted to. 

Watching Kevin Bieksa and Henrik Sedin playing goalie in the last minute of play was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in ages.  While the goalie pull at the end is stressful, and your team shouldn’t let it be neccessary, I wouldn’t mind seeing that again.  But not for a long time, right boys?

This season’s Kevin Bieksa is so much more fun to watch than last year’s.  Last season was pretty much a complete write off for him.  I’m so glad he’s back to his old grumpy self. 

I think Kyle Wellwood finally gets it.  He has even been playing well defensively.  One of the things that I really dig about Wellwood is how when he has an empty net to shoot at, he still makes sure he roofs the puck, so there’s no chance it will sneak out. 

Jannik Hansen is 4th in rookie scoring.  He better hurry back from his sore groin to challenge for the Calder.  Although it will probably go to a more high profile guy, because the NHL voting is lame like that.

Just in case you didn’t love Burr enough already, he’s an article that fully describes how totally rad he is.  It was too long to post entirely, but it really is a lovely article.  I swear it almost made me tear up.  The 500k Man.


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