Deep Fried Mars Bars For Everyone! Canucks 4 Nashville 0.

I just want to mention that I’m delighted Barack Obama was elected President.  Even though I’m not American, it’s still pretty special that we witnessed history.  Plus I would have been one grouchy bitch if Sarah Palin had been relevant for the foreseeable future.  Well done America!

Anyways, I did actually manage to watch a game tonight as well.  The first period was a little painful, both teams couldn’t finish and it was kind of slow moving, but the Canucks ended up playing well in the second and third and made sure they finished strong.  The special teams were much better tonight.  It would be nice if they could just be consistent game to game, but I guess that would be too easy?  The defence looked so much better tonight, which pleases me greatly.  I love my d boys.  18 shots on net.  Lovely.

Kyle Wellwood!  This post was named in honour of you, buddy.  Two goals, and one was an absolute beauty!  The crowd was chanting his name, and he was first star of the game.  The Garage probably would have exploded if he got a hat trick.  Do you think we should throw cupcakes on the ice instead of hats?  It’s a feel good story.  No team to play on two weeks ago, and now he leads the Canucks in goals.

Lui with the shutout.  Third of the year.  He had some sneaky, snazzy saves.  The save he made with his stick and then batted it out of the air down the ice was sexy. 

Now those are the wonder twins I want to see.  Two points a piece, and some other chances.  No need to yell at them to go work at IKEA tonight.  You don’t always see Danny diving out to poke in a garbage goal, so props.  Have a meatball, Danny.

Alex Edler had some rough moments at the start of the game, but picked it up later.  He slid across in front of the net and blocked a shot that would have been a sure goal, and when a Predator went to hit him, he just stuck out his arm and knocked the guy over.  It was tasty.

Shane O’Brien should fight more often.  It made me purr.  I liked how he stepped in for Hordichuk. 

Kes, Burr, and Raymond didn’t score as a line, but they were getting their chances.  Burr really needs to stop taking those roughing penalties after the whistle.  I adore Burr, and there’s not much he can do to change that, but he should be warned.

Matty Ohlund can really throw that puck down the ice on the penalty kill.  He should get more ice time though, coach. 

Now we just cross our fingers for consistency against the Coyotes.


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