Thoughts on Canucks/Coyotes

–  I know Wayne Gretzky was one of the greatest players to ever lace them up, but Coach Wayne is mean.  I can’t believe he scratched Kyle Turris when the poor boy had a hundred people coming to watch him at GM Place.

–  Lui must read my blog.  He took my comment about consistency against the Coyotes to heart, and just decided to be extremely consistent and get another shutout.  His glove save on Jovo with 25 seconds left in the game was GORGEOUS.  That was his third shutout in 5 games.  He’s now just 5 shutouts behind Kirk McLean for the all time Canucks leader.  Oh and he leads the NHL in shutouts with 4.  I think we might just be OK in goal.

–  Kevin Bieksa is a star.  9 points in 11 games.  He will still make the odd terrifying pass, but his overall game makes up for it.  All of the defence got back to their calm, stingy game for the most part.  Matty Ohlund led the team with 5 blocked shots.

–  A very pretty passing play between Burr and Kes to set up Bieksa`s goal.  I always like to see those guys pick up points.  They deserve it.

–  I find it kind of hard to get really energetic for games against the Coyotes, I guess because they`re not one of our hated rivals.

–  A little more finish from the offence, especially on the power play, would have been nice but I guess I can`t be too picky after a win.

–  If they continue their strong play against the Wild and get a victory, they can take over first in the division.  Wouldn`t that be nice?  It would be great if they set themselves up to not have to fight like dogs for 8th spot in the conference come March.  I`m not counting on it though.  The Canucks have trained me not to.


6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Canucks/Coyotes

  1. It would be great if they set themselves up to not have to fight like dogs for 8th spot in the conference come March. I`m not counting on it though. The Canucks have trained me not to.

    Come on now, it’s a new day and age we live in, have a little hope, make the Canucks new slogan “Yes we will!” (you know for copyright purposes and no trademark infringements)

  2. HA! I like it, Zach. “Yes we will!” has a nice ring to it.

    Lui is on fire, Sam! And Bieksa and Burr are fabulous. You were smart picking those under the radar guys for your fantasy team.

  3. love the new blog header – I grabbed that pic as soon as it turned up on CDC too! :)

    just to let you know – your t shirt FINALLY went in the post today. might be an idea to hand wash it the first time you launder it, and then iron it for a few minutes with a nice hot iron. after that, fingers crossed, Matty SHOULD stand up to being washed :)

    sorry it took so horribly long

  4. Thanks, Sarah. They’re cute as a button. I just had to have it.

    And WOOO!! I’m so excited to see my t-shirt! Thanks again :)

    Kirsten, Nazzy is hard to forget. But the other boys do try to make up for it.

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