This team is coming together.  They played a very solid game against the Wild.  Instead of getting frustrated, they just kept playing their game and it paid off.  Solid defence, some absolutely stunning saves from the big guy in net, strong skating by the forwards, and just enough goals to take over first place in the division.  You have to like that. 

Lui had a beautiful game.  Some of his saves were outstanding.  Who knew someone could bend in so many directions.  It was entertaining watching the faces of the Wild players each time they were denied.  Three consecutive shutouts.  201 minutes without having to fish a goal out of the net.  The crowd was definitely cheering him on loudly tonight, and well deserved.  Playing “Louie Louie” at the end was cute.  It’s too bad the Canucks don’t play again until Wednesday, because he is definitely in the zone.

Ryan Kesler was an absolute beast.  The Wild’s top line had been racking up points like crazy, and Kes and Burr wouldn’t let them get anything going at all.  It was kind of beautiful.  Koivu even got visibly frustrated near the end of the game and stiff armed Kes to the ice.  You know Kes has had a good game when the top line of the opposition gets bitchy.

The wonder twins were all over the ice tonight.  Hank had two assists, and Danny finally scored on a pretty snazzy breakaway, after hitting countless goal posts.  When they’re slumping, it isn’t pretty, but when they’re on, they’re on.

Kevin Bieksa had another two points.  One was a little bit lucky, considering he lost his balance and threw the puck to Hank Sedin as he was falling, who managed to send Danny Sedin in on a breakaway.  But the other assist was a very nice pass to Salo.  This was another strong game for him.  He will probably smash his rookie year points total at this rate.

Shane O’Brien is really starting to fit in nicely.  He’s stopped taking stupid roughing penalties, and is skating so much better.  A few times he has even joined the rush and is much more confident playing the puck.  Maybe he feels more comfortable in the Canucks system than he did in the Lightning’s.

I watched the game and hung out in the liveblog over at Canucks and Beyond.  It was quite entertaining.  I think Canucks fans on average are funny people.  You have to be with this team.  Just before Sami Salo scored, someone started calling him The Force (as in Star Wars. Sami uses The Force to shoot at the net).  I think it was because of us he scored. 

Hordi gets a big pat on the back for challenging Boogard.  I swear Boogard is the size of a small house.  He scares me and angers me all at once. 

Ryan Johnson can work it out on the penalty kill.  I don’t know how he can still skate around after blocking all those shots.  But it’s impressive. 

If you take away the Detroit game, this is shaping up to be a very successful homestand.  Remember boys, consistency!


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