Yes, I Might Actually Buy This. Help A Goalie Get His “C” And Annoy Bettman.

Here it is.  The Canucks new third sweater.  I quite like it.  But that might have something to do with the Swedish model.  I actually kind of wish they had just made this their regular sweater when they switched to the new RBK model.  Simple, classic, nice colours, and you get good old Johnny Canuck on the shoulder.  Now, for Christmas do I get a second Matty Ohlund sweater?  Or do I go for one of my second favourite guys like Burrows, Bieksa, or Kesler?  Maybe even Hansen.


I’ll Take Two


Bad news for Bieksa.  He’s out 2-4 weeks with a broken bone in his foot.  What a shame, since he was having a fabulous start to the year.  He even made Mirtle’s list of best defensive defenceman.  Mitchell and Bieksa were playing very well together, but at least it won’t be too long, and our other guys can manage.  Bieksa should probably start skipping the November game against Nashville though.  That’s two seasons in a row he’s been injured in that game.  Spooky.

I thought this was a very nice shot from the Canucks/Avalanche game.  The angle is really cool, and the colours come out beautifully.




 As I’ve probably already mentioned, I feel quite attached to the Canucks 08 draft picks.  Probably because I saw them drafted in person.  The same goes for picks for other teams.  But anyways, I like to keep track of the Canucks ones.  Cody Hodgson has 26 points in 14 games.  Dude.  That’s awesome.  I’m glad we didn’t trade that pick for Cammalleri.  The pretty Yann Sauve has 12 points in 19 games.  Nice job baby Canucks!

Just one last thing.  J.J. from Canucks Hockey Blog brought to my attention the Vancouver Sun’s online petition to let our superhero goalie captain man wear the “C” on his sweater.  They are sending an open letter and the petition to Bettman on Tuesday.  I implore you on behalf of flexible west coast goalies everywhere.  If you are so inclined, you can sign it here.  I’ll give you a cookie.

5 thoughts on “Yes, I Might Actually Buy This. Help A Goalie Get His “C” And Annoy Bettman.

  1. lol I have virtually the same post on my own blog from yesterday – trying to decide whose name and number belongs on the back of my new jersey…I’ve narrowed it down to Burrows and Hordy…

    have signed petition

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  3. Sarah, I guess we’re the same suckers for merch. :) Oooh I do love Hordi too… Heh.

    Good on you for signing. It probably won’t sway that little midget Bettman but you never know.

    Isn’t it cool, Myra? I love the overhead shots. And yes, I certainly didn’t mind posting that other picture. :D

    Kirsten, a division rival not liking Lui? Surprise, surprise. :D You’re off the hook, I suppose.

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