A big fist bump to the crowd at GM Place tonight.  They were rocking.  I guess they didn’t want to be shown up by the travelling Leafs fans, so they were nice and loud.  The competing Go Canucks Go and Go Leafs Go chants in the first period were pretty funny.

It was nice to get the two points, and Lui deserved it for sure, but the other guys were a little sloppy and took too many penalties.  Not their best game, but they’ll take it.

Lui was an absolute beast.  Again.  I’m still spitting mad that the boys didn’t preserve his shutout.  I really thought he had it in the goalie bag with only five minutes left.  But hey.  A win is a win.  That long 5 on 3 where he made numerous saves WITHOUT his stick was so disgustingly awesome.  I don’t think I want children, but I may have promised to name my first born after Lui when that sequence was over.  When the Leafs finally beat him, he looked like he wanted to crack some skulls.  Probably his teammates skulls.  It made me laugh.  SO awesome.

I’m happy Wellwood scored against his old team.  The more I see him interviewed, the more he charms me.  Oh and the passing.  So lovely.  I might have even added Wellwood to my list of possible third sweater options.  Demitra and Wellwood looked very good skating together.

Demitra was surprisingly good considering this was his first game back from injury.  He looks better than he did before he left and had three assists and managed to make the power play look dangerous.  Now if he can just stay healthy for a bunch of games in a row…

Apparently Willie Mitchell was pissed everyone labelled him as a defensive defenceman.  I’m still not quite used to seeing Mitchell jumping into the play and powering to the net.  It makes me giggle.  But good for him for scoring.

Matty with an assist, a couple of huge hits, and even a baby fight.  I’m always happy to see that.

The Sedins were all over the ice tonight.  Nice to see Danny score.  But I’m still not totally sold on Raymond as their linemate.  Raymond seemed to be much more dangerous looking on the second line, doing more off the rush things. 

Kesler and Burrows almost always play well, but they look just a little bit more rad with Jannik Hansen on their line.  A nice goal for Kes and well deserved assists for Burr and Hansen.  It seemed like every scrum that started was when that line was on the ice.  That’s what I like to see.

It’s a good thing the penalty kill was so gorgeous tonight, because the boys got back to taking an obscene amount of penalties.  It’s going to cause me mental distress if they do this for a whole season, I swear.  Maybe every time they take a stupid, unnecessary penalty, a dollar gets taken off their paycheck.  Fights don’t count, because they please me.

Oh and Luke Schenn was a total cutie, he made some lovely plays, and props to him for fighting Rob Davison.  It’s kind of sad another Leaf wouldn’t step up instead, but oh well.  I can see why Toronto wanted to keep him around.

That was the end of the Canucks very luxurious homestand and I guess you can call it a success.  Now the boys head to New York and we get to see Nazzy.  Not that I’ve had that date circled on my calendar for months or anything…

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