Blog Presents

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I have the best readers ever.  Seriously, I’m sorry if I don’t say that enough.  Look what came in the mail this week.


Isn’t it totally cute?  Don’t look at my face, I’m not overly photogenic, look at the shirt.  I can now carry Matty Ohlund around on my shirt.  The lovely Sarah that writes at Are You Flowin? made this for me and sent it all the way from England.  The detail of the stencil is even cooler when you look at it up close.  The best part of blogging might be all the new people you get to know.  Hopefully this rad shirt gives the Canucks enough good luck to beat the Rangers tomorrow.  It will be nice seeing Nazzy again, but I still want to beat his team.  Thanks again, Sarah!  Anyone else that wants to send me presents, feel free.  I’m not picky.  Heh.  Don’t worry, your comments are a good enough present.


16 thoughts on “Blog Presents

  1. Sarah, it turned out really well. And I was surprised how quick it got here. I wasn’t dying to put a picture of myself up, but oh well. Someone had to model the shirt.

    alanah, very true. :)

    Mike, HA! That would be epic. The back of the shirt should have a picture of Darcy Hordichuk and Mike Brown skating with Hank Sedin :P

    Zack, HEE. Old newspaper is fine. Good for the environment and everything.

  2. Damn, girl. I clearly need to go and recruit some new readers…just kidding, I love my readers, and they’d probably love me more if I managed to post a little more often.

  3. Awww! Alix that’s so cool. That was so nice of Sarah. She puts me to shame as a reader/facebook friend.

    P.S. You look totally fine. Stop it.

  4. It did, didn’t it, Greg? Hee!

    Aww Dani, you’re a great reader/facebook friend!

    P.S. You look totally fine. Stop it.

    Stop, you’re making me blush :P

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