That was delightful!  Nazzy, you looked good, I don’t think I ever saw you hit so much in a Canucks sweater, but we just couldn’t let you get the win.  I hope you understand.  Don’t be hurt, but you don’t look nearly as smoking in Rangers colours. 

My new shirt obviously does have good mojo.  What a good game.  Sure, they got a little sloppy defensively in the third period, but it’s alright.  That’s why we have Lui in net.  Even though he let in three goals, I thought this was one of his best games all year.  Some of his saves were absolutely outstanding.  I pictured Tommy Larscheid in my head saying “Somebody call the law!”  They smoked the best team in the East.  Take that Stan Fischler and the Rangers media.  The first period had me purring.  They were forechecking, and skating so well they made the Rangers d-men look like slugs. 

Matty Ohlund had a fantastic game with three assists and a +4.  His pass to Wellwood on the first goal was so pretty.  He thread it way up the middle of the ice in between Rangers, when Wellwood was halfway to the net.  Then he totally smashed the puck at the end of the game to get the tip in empty net goal for Danny Sedin.  Love it.  I also liked that TSN gave me an in game interview with Matty. 

Alex Burrows was all over the ice.  Usually Pierre McGuire forces me to plead to TSN to cut off his mike when he starts going on about his MONSTER of the game, but when he talks about Burrows, I just kind of let it go.  His shorthanded breakaway was very pretty of course, but I adored his second goal more.  He crunched a Ranger behind the net, and then managed to get back in front of the net to take a pass from Hansen to beat Lundqvist.

I’ve mentioned a few times how much I like Jannik Hansen, but this game just made me adore him completely.  I can’t say enough about him.  After he blocked Redden’s shot with his stomach, he looked like he was going to pass out.  It was pretty scary.  But then he was back almost a shift later, and ended the game with two assists.  I mean, not to sound like Don Cherry or anything, but you can barely guess he’s European the way he plays.  In the one of the intermissions, TSN interviewed him, and he was all nervous and forgot to look at the camera and kept looking to the side.  Awwww. Rookies are SO adorable.  

Taylor Pyatt quietly had quite a solid game with two assists. 

Kyle Wellwood’s goal was tres pretty.  His dekes just throw the goalie right off.  Wellwood could have had a hat trick if Valiquette didn’t outright rob him so many times in the third period.  He also has the league’s best shooting % with 38%.  I totally giggled when the TSN play by play guys said he had “magic mittens”.  I’m a little surprised he’s still on getting like 12 and a half minutes of ice time.

I wouldn’t be surprised if AV made Shane O’Brien walk back to the hotel.  5 out of 6 penalties by Vancouver.  Hee.  Talk about getting two minutes just for being on the ice.

This newly healthy Pavol Demitra is fun to watch.  Maybe he needed some injury time to get his mojo back.  I hope we see him play with Wellwood again soon.  Having Demitra with the twins makes the second line look a little less scary.

Not that it mattered in the final outcome of the game, but I am still STUNNED the war room called back that Canucks goal.  Worst call I’ve seen in ages.  I’m half blind, and even I could see that was over the line.  Ridiculous.  Luckily, Demitra scored seconds later to make up for it, but seriously.  I don’t know what they’re watching in Toronto.

Now they move on to the absolutely ridiculous part of their schedule.  After playing in New York last night, they get to play the Wild tonight in Minnesota, and then fly allthe way back to the East to play the Sidney Crosbys on Saturday.  Heaven forbid we should mess with Versus’ Saturday matinee ratings.  Good work, NHL.  Maybe I should buy you a set of geography lessons for Christmas.

The loss to the Islanders was annoying, but this was the one I really wanted them to win.  This team is pretty entertaining this season.  What a difference from last season.  They look like they’re actually having fun this season.  I’m slightly annoyed the NHL wasn’t swayed by the Vancouver Sun’s petition to give Lui the “C”, but no matter.  It doesn’t bother him, and the Luongo Canucks team is a good one with or without him having the “C” on his sweater.


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