First Period



Ok, so Lui didn’t come back, which is rather worrisome.  He’ll be evaluated tomorrow, and hopefully it’s not serious.  But, I am SO proud of this team!  I love them, I really do.  Maybe more than I ever have loved a Canucks team.  After losing Lui to injury, after the last game of one of the weirdest road  trips I’ve ever seen that zizagged back and forth across North America,  and with several of the d men getting the flu, they beat the Penguins who are the new darlings of the NHL.

Matty Ohlund, Mitchell, and Shane O’Brien were absolute beasts on defence.  The massive hit Matty Ohlund threw on Max Talbot at the very end of the game led to Danny Sedin and Pavol Demitra getting the empty netter.  The guys as a group didn’t give Crosby or Malkin a point.  Beautiful. 

The wonder twins and Demitra had a fantastic game.  They dominated 5 on 5 and took care of all of the Canucks scoring.  Demitra loves playing in Vancouver, it rubs off on the twins, and it shows.  I’ve heard that line called the PHD line which is pretty great.

Sanford played well in relief of Lui, the guys played well in front of him, and it was another character win after the road trip from hell.  The Penguins looked more like the road team for the first half of the game. They were oh so adorable again when they won.  That WOOOOO goalie hug sounds like it’s becoming a tradition.  Sounds good to me.  You could barely hear John Shorthouse and John Garett after the game over the WOOOOOOs.  Hee. 

Now back to my fetal position with gigantic alcohol drink in hand as we wait for the details about Lui’s injury…


3 thoughts on “Canucks/Penguins

  1. first time I’ve ever felt this bad after a big win, that’s for sure

    not that I don’t have faith in our back up (s) – but we need to have all guns firing, especially when one is an Italian rocket launcher!

    rest up and heal up, Bobby xxxx

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