Waiting For Injury News

The Canucks won’t have the details about Lui’s injury until after the morning skate tomorrow.  The waiting is the worst.  If he is out for about a month, I’m not worried at all.  The way the guys play for Sanford, I don’t see it being an issue.  Plus Cory Schneider has been tearing it up in the AHL and was already called up.  This would have been devasting for last year’s team, and I would have been picking our lottery position already, but this team is different.  They can work through this.  If Lui’s gone for months, well then we might be in trouble.  But I’m not going to bother speculating until we hear the real story.  In the mean time, I needed some pictures to distract myself.  


alexedlerwii1Alex Edler at the Sports Celebrity Festival.  He’s cute as a button.



Is there anything better than your enforcer playing video games with your mascot?


Hank Sedin playing guitar hero makes me giggle.


Matty Ohlund rocking the black suit.


I think that’s almost a smile from Mike Gillis. A very rare sight indeed.


Matty Ohlund being adorable.



The guys in a group shot with Carol Huynh, Canada’s gold medal wrestler.


And last picture, Kyle Wellwood sleeping on the plane.  Hee hee.  So cute.

11 thoughts on “Waiting For Injury News

  1. Ooooh, Ryan Kesler is a GREAT choice, Anne! He’s probably my second favourite love as well.

    One of the best shut down centers I’ve ever seen. Loves to hit, trash talks guys with his buddy Burrows.
    Pretty skater.
    Penalty kills.
    Can score some really hott individual effort goals.
    Loves Hip Hop.
    Has an A on his sweater this season.
    Is super consistent. Never stops working.
    Can be pretty damn funny. I should find you a link of when he was MCing the shootout at the Canucks open practice.
    Hilarious hetero life partners with Burrows.
    In the playoffs 2 seasons ago he broke his finger blocking a shot, and he asked the trainers to cut it off so he could still play.
    Cleans up nice :)

    I think that might be it. For now. Heh.

  2. ahem!!!

    sorry, but Kesler is already very much spoken for

    Wellwood is available….


    The pic of Hordy and Fin is my favourite from the sports celeb fest pics by a mile – so funny! I’m not surprised they didn’t manage to get any pics of Kes on the Wii because he is such an Xbox snob :)

    And Henrik makes that GH guitar look like a ukelele! You forget how huge the guys are because most of the time you are seeing them photographed alongside other huge guys…..

  3. See, this is when I wish I was a fan of another team, at least you get updates, if he was my goalie, all I would know is that he had a lower body injury until he came back.


    Hetero life partners? Funny? Solid shut down centerman? Wearing an A? WANTED TO CUT OFF HIS FINGER SO HE COULD STILL PLAY?!!?!?!


  5. Sarah, hee hee! Don’t worry, Anne loves Big Bear Bernier the most, Kes is just her 2nd favourite :)

    That Hordy/Fin picture made my day. Hilarious. But I was also very much partial to the Matty pictures :)

    HA! Hank totally makes it look like a ukelele!

    Zack, that would really suck. I think anyone else they would try to pull the upper body/lower body stuff, but they know how crazy Vancouver is for Lui.

  6. Sarah, never fear. As much as I love Ryan Kesler, no Canuck could ever come close to the sick twisted obsession I have with Steve Bernier. Hahaha. I laugh because its so lame. :) Kes is serving as my Vice-Canuck Western Conference Boyfriend.

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