Canucks/Wings Summary Now That I’m More Rested

When Sami Salo won the game in OT, I cheered so loud it was like the Canucks won the Cup.  Heh.  I think I might have spilled my drink all over myself as well.  I LOVE this team so much!  Sure, they got outshot by the Wings, and outplayed in the first period, but damn.  They smoked them in OT and that’s what counts.  To be honest with you, I thought the game was over when Datsyuk scored with three minutes left in the third, but this year’s team just doesn’t quit.

The defence was solid as a group.  Especially Sami Salo.  Hard to believe he had been in bed with the flu for three days before this game.  A hero in over time and he also had an assist on Danny Sedin’s goal.  Matty Ohlund has been tres studly lately.  I think he was a +8 or close to that on the road trip.  He made one super sexy play where he dove out to save a sure goal for the Wings.  They had a wide open net and everything.  Then there were a few 2 on 1s that he played just beautifully.  It made my defence loving heart beat wildly.  Shane O’Brien has been playing some lovely hockey.  He seems to have fit in really well with the Canucks system.  The only one I’m a little bit worried for is little baby Edler.  I think he needs to play with his hockey daddy Matty Ohlund again for a few games to get his confidence back.  I like that pairing a lot.  Edler seemed much more comfortable with him.  But maybe he’s just still feeling the flu.  He’s still young, he’ll get there.

Pavol Demitra and the wonder twins still look fantastic.  Lidstrom can probably figure them out better than any defenceman, so they didn’t completely dominate like they did against Pittsburgh and Minnesota, but they still got their chances.  Demitra seems like a completely different player than he did when he was with the Wild.  Every time he’s interviewed he’s Mr. Positive and he practically gushes about how fantastic Vancouver is, and how much he loves playing with Swedish twins, and how much he likes playing here.  It’s really nice to see.  It seems like every guy across the board is saying that actually. 

Congratulations to Danny Sedin for getting his 400th career point.  His tip in goal to send the game to over time was pretty damn awesome.  I’m sure it took good hand eye coordination.  Poor Hank is still stuck at 399 points.  Danny will probably bug him about being the second best twin.

Taylor Pyatt probably had his best game of the year.  He scored a huge goal to tie it up, which was basically him just being a big strong body and stealing the puck from a Wing and then roofing it past Osgood.  Hopefully this will do good things for his confidence, and he’ll start trying that every game.  He also had some big hits and some very nice defensive shifts on the penalty kill. 

Mason Raymond looks like he’s getting out of his slump.  He had one shift that just made me giggle like crazy.  A Wing would hit him, and he’d skate past them and get the puck back, then carry the puck around some more, and another Wing would hit him, and he’d get the puck back, and this just went on and on while he still managed to keep the puck in Detroit’s end of the ice.  Hee.  He’s little but he doesn’t mind getting hit.

It’s a shame Big Bear was injured.  While he didn’t mesh with the Sedins like we had hoped, I thought he had been doing some nice things on the second line with Wellwood and Pyatt.  He was still bringing the physical play.  Hopefully he’s not out too long.  I’m sure Anne is devasted, she’s a Sabres fan but she still loves Big Bear.  And Ryan Kesler too for that matter.  She has good taste.

The third line was solid as always.  Kes made some hot power moves to go to the net a few times that pleased me greatly.  Too bad Osgood was up to the task.  I wanted Hansen to get that goal that he almost had so badly, but Osgood slid across just in time to take away the empty net.  I adore that little rookie so much.

Curtis Sanford was wonderful again!  He made some very big saves against the Wings very talented forwards.  He deserves this little run he’s on.  Missing Lui will hurt, though Sanford seems determined to maybe not outright steal games for the Canucks, but at least give them a chance to win every night.

This post is getting pretty long.  I’m gushing a bit.  I guess blogging about an entertaining, successful team is much more fun than blogging about a pathetic losing one.  I’ll take it, Canucks.  Thanks.  I’ll just end with some foxy numbers.

10 consecutive games the Canucks have recorded at least a point. 

4 consecutive wins against the Rangers, Wild, Penguins, and Wings.  3 of those without Lui.

+16 for Willie Mitchell this season.  That leads all defencemen and is 2nd in the league just behind Alex Semin. 

9 points in 5 games for Demitra.

30 points.  3rd in the conference.  Just 2 behind the Wings.

8-0-2 in their last 10 games.


3 thoughts on “Canucks/Wings Summary Now That I’m More Rested

  1. Oh Big Bear, when will you find a line you can reach your potential on??! :( Hopefully his injury being “upper body” he can still keep up with skating. He should try the patented James Patrick (Sabres asst. coach) skating with a parachute technique. DO YOU THINK I SHOULD COME TO VANCOUVER AND NURSE HIM BACK TO HEALTH?

    And WOOOOOOOO! Canucks! Tearin’ it up! Those are some pretty stats right there!

  2. While I was rooting for the other team (I’m a Pens fan) in the previous game (and I’m so sorry about that injury).

    I am SO thrilled with that win over the Wings!!!!!!

    and I totally agree with you about Lidstrom vs the Twins, becasue the twins are amazing, against anyone but him.

  3. Anne, I think Big Bear will be totally fine in a few days, but you should totes come to Vancouver and nurse him back to health anyways. :P Good thing you just picked Kes as your second love, eh?

    Life as a redhead, thanks for your sympathy about Louie. I don’t think it was as bad as it looked, so that’s good.

    That Wings win was definitely SO fun! Lidstrom is just so wicked hockey smart.

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