Canucks/Flames Pre Game

Another Flames game, eh?  I don’t think there is another team I enjoy watching the Canucks beat more than the Flames.  The players really get in on this rivalry as well.  Having two games back to back just makes it even better.  If the Canucks pull out another two wins against the Flames they will be nine points up on them in the division, which would be fantastic.  If the Canucks roll over and let the Flames win both, well then they’re only one point up on the Flames.  I know which one I prefer.  It won’t be easy because the Flames are probably a little embarrassed about how they were run over by the Canucks in October, but either way it should make for some good hockey.

Unfortunately Ryan Johnson is out for a month with fractures in his finger and foot.  He’s one of those underrated defensive guys that I adore.  Apparently he didn’t even know his foot was broken until he got his hand looked at.  He was just playing on it for a month.  Talk about hard core.

But Kevin Bieksa should be back tonight, which is good news. The defence managed fine without him, but he just makes the group that much better.  I’ve missed watching Bieksa and his angry face.  I suppose the injury news will be like this for a while.  The guys will just trade off coming back into the line up and going to the doctor.

Anyways, here’s to keeping this streak going, boys!  Blogging about you winning is so much nicer than blogging about losing.  If you win both games against the Flames, I’ll post love letters about each and every one of you.

The Canucks have revamped their Fan Zone, and it looks fabulous.  I really like that they’re running with all this new media, and embracing their bloggers.  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American hockey friends!

4 thoughts on “Canucks/Flames Pre Game

  1. Nine points would have been very fun, Zack. :)

    Kirsten, I think mashed potatoes are my absolute favourite part of Thanksgiving. Mmmm yeah. Lombardi is very pretty. He really needs to leave the Flames…

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