Well that was no fun at all!  I haven’t had to write about an outright regulation loss in ages.  No love letters for you boys.  Sorry, I really wanted to.  They were going to be gushy and everything.  But oh well.  I know the streak wasn’t going to go on forever.  It had to end sometime.  The travel was going to catch up to them eventually.  Now they can just move on and start a new streak.

They really got away from their lovely defensive play in this game, and it hurt them.  Oh so many turnovers.  It did not please me.  I hate to pick on little baby Edler, but that last turnover to give Calgary the game winner was quite awful.  Poor baby really is in a sophomore slump.  I still think he should be paired with his hockey daddy Matty Ohlund for a few games.  Matty Ohlund had me purring with his physical play.  He was just making guys cry against the boards and there was this was one scrum after the whistle where he was all pissed and getting in a Flame’s face, and he actually had to be pulled back by the ref.  I mean RAWR, right?  Sadly, he didn’t look good on one of the Flames goals either.  I really hope you d boys are better on Saturday.  I like gushing about you. 

I can’t believe they couldn’t score on a 5 on 3.  I mean, come on.  They had the lead there, and they could have run away with the game.  Instead they let Calgary get back in the game.  Just shoot the puck, my lovelies.  Force the goalie to make a damn save.

Mason Raymond and Daniel Sedin both had absolutely freakin beautiful goals.  Too bad it wasn’t enough.  Kyle Wellwood had a beautiful pass to set up Raymond, but otherwise got tossed around by the Flames all night.  I’m guessing the Flames probably aren’t his favourite team to play.  My most prized rookie Jannik Hansen was oh so close to scoring on a gorgeous breakaway, but unfortunately Kipper made the save of the game.  He also hit a post on another occasion.  Sigh.  He just couldn’t get it done tonight.  A good game nonetheless.  He is such a beautiful skater.  Hordi scored though.  Hee.  I kind of think if your fourth liner enforcer scores the first goal, you just can’t lose, but I guess not.

Alex Bolduc the baby Moose call up that replaced Ryan Johnson looked quite good in his very first NHL game.  He didn’t grab my attention, but he wasn’t supposed to as a fourth line center.  He skated well and didn’t make any bad defensive mistakes.  Well done little rookie.

This was an annoying game to watch, considering how well November had been going, but this is a good group.  They will play better on Saturday.  I know they want to WOOOOOO! again at the end of the game and dog pile and punch their goalie, not slink off the ice and feel shame.


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