No Pressure Or Anything, Kid. Canucks/Flames

The little baby goalie Cory Schneider is starting in goal tonight.  His first real season NHL game.  We’ve been hearing for ages how this baby goalie prodigy is the next big thing, so I’m excited to finally see how he does in the NHL, but I’m also very nervous for him.  I mean, I kind of thought they would pick the Columbus game to give him his first start.  Not a division rival, HNIC, Saturday night is alright for fighting type game.  It’s like good luck kid, oh and by the way we just lost to these guys on Thursday and need those 2 points to keep our division lead, have fun!  Hopefully he doesn’t throw up, poor button.  I am thinking good thoughts for you, baby goalie.

First Period.

Well how about that?  Cory was all, “I don’t know why the heck you were worried about me. I’m just going to chill out here and make 11 saves.”

The Canucks played a much better defensive period too.  They just didn’t seem to have their legs yet to really fly in on Kipper.

Why oh why is our power play still so disgusting?

End of game.

Dear Losers (except for Cory Schneider),

Why don’t you give your rookie goalie who is playing his ass off in his first NHL game some goal support.  Sure, maybe he should have had the second goal, but oh well.  There’s no way this is on him.  18 shots for the whole game?  Revolting.  Shoot the damn puck.  Hit the flippin net.  Make the goalie actually make a save.  Force a rebound.  Oh, and for the love of God fix the power play before I claw my eyes out.  SHOOT THE PUCK!  Losing to Calgary twice in a row makes me grouchy.  Do you know how many Flames fans I have to deal with at school?  You guys were this close to getting love letters and now you’re getting hate mail.  What happened to the WOOOOO! team that I was madly in love with?  I know you’re better than this.  Play your asses off against Columbus or I’m going to start making eyes at San Jose.  Sleep tight, jackasses.

Humming Giraffe

P.S beautiful pass on the one goal, Hansen.

P.P.S thanks for driving the Flames crazy with your mad faceoff skillz, Wellwood.


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