This Is Lame

So, I just have to steer away from the Canucks talk for a moment.  My dear bloggy friend wrap around curl is getting some snarky treatment from the CHL and the management people of her cherished junior team the Spokane Chiefs.  Apparently they don’t like her use of pictures and the fact that she has a couple of t-shirts with the players names on them.  All the details can be found in her post here.  This is just sad.  They are trying to bully her over petty things when they should be ecstatic to have a fan like her.  She’s funny, smart, knows her hockey, and absolutely adores the team.  Her blog is giving the team exposure to a larger audience.  Why more teams don’t embrace this I’ll never know.  A happy fan means a happy team because the happy fan buys more tickets and merch.  I understand teams have their rules, but surely there is a classy way to go about enforcing them, and this was definitely not it.  After pouring her heart into her blog and loving the team for so many years she deserves better. 

The teams that realize this are going to be successful and the ones that don’t will be left behind.  I’m so pleased my own team understands this.  Bloggers have been used in the Canucks marketing campaigns and added to their website.  My blog doesn’t always have the most serious content, and can be downright silly at times, but I think the Canucks see that their fans that spend so much time talking about the team should be encouraged, not turned away.  It really is a shame the Chiefs organization didn’t treat wrap around curl the same way.

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