OK Fine! You Guys Are Too Adorable To Hate

So, I know wrote the Canucks hate mail in my last post, but I didn’t really mean it.  Sure, I’m still uber grouchy they lost to the Flames TWICE IN A ROW, yet the truth is these guys are kind of awesome.  Look how totally adorable these pictures are of the Canucks visiting the Children’s hospital in Vancouver.  I really like that my team is encouraged to do these kinds of things in the community.  Even though their power play makes me weep like a child who’s candy was stolen by the neighbourhood bully, I can’t help but adore them.



Look At Those Big smiles.


The Young uns.


Demitra must have made his day. Awwww.


Don’t They All look So Sweet and Innocent?


Such A Tiny Little Bebeh!  And Bieksa’s Face Is Adorable. Precious!


I love how they’re signing in unison and Hansen has the confused rookie look.


Nice handshake, Lui.


A Sweet Vintage Sweater.


Bieksa is so smiley!


Look At Their Faces! And Kesler touching his little finger. Sooo cute.


LOVE this one! It looks like the little girl managed to crack all of them up.


Sooo many twins.


Another totally sweet face.


Group shot.


Mitchell is so good at being sociable.


High fives! Mirror style.


Multiple pretty hockey players!


Bieksa needs a stick.


Awwww! Look at her chubbeh little cheeks!  Matty and Big Bear are so cute.


Salo isn’t stingy with the high fives.


Goalie Hug.


He’s so excited he’s jumping on the bed.



5 thoughts on “OK Fine! You Guys Are Too Adorable To Hate

  1. ok a few things.

    1. Duh, here is the required “EEEEE!!! BIG BEAR IS SO ADORABLE

    2. That picture of all of them laughing is in the running for my new wallpaper

    3. Shane O’Brien holding that baby and Kes holding his hand with Raymond and Pyatt all smiley is not helping the Chicago Blackhawks’ case at all for my 08-09 favorite Western team. Shane O’Brien might be a douche (that’s the rumor I’ve heard) but that picture redeems him.

  2. I was kinda scared for the baby when SOB was holding him. XDDDD I mean… he crushes hockey players for a living!! XDDDDDDD

    Bieksa had this more.. fatherly hold on the baby. So cute. XDD You can totally tell Kes and Bieksa are the fathers in the crew… XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    Why does our team have to be so adorable?

  3. Anne, I think those were my two favourite pictures as well! Bieksa holding the little baby is up there also.

    The Canucks can TOTALLY take the Blackhawks!

    That’s interesting about Shane O’Brien…I heard a rumour that he’s a man whore, but I probably would be too if I was a young hockey player :D He’s been totally sweet and YAY! Vancouver is so awesome in interviews, so I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Cat, I KNOW, eh? Something about hockey players and babies just does me in…

  4. Rinslet, Hee! That’s exactly what I thought! SOB looks totally enthusiastic, but just a liiitttle more awkward than Bieksa. You can totally tell Bieksa is used to holding bebehs. And Kes too. Awwww.

    Our team is just WAY too adorable. XDDDDD I don’t think there’s a guy on this year’s team that I don’t like. Love it! XDD

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