Canucks/Blue Jackets

After 2 Periods

Look DUMB ASSES!  Does Gillis have to fine you, or take away your puck bunny privledges, or stop driving the bus to the Swedish Touch massage parlour for you to STOP TAKING PENALTIES?  It’s not cool.  Stop it!

AV, why is Pyatt still with the Sedins?  Have they done anything?  More Demitra sexy time pleaseandthanks.

Dear defencemen,

I know you trust your goalies which is sweet of you but they really don’t need you to turn the puck over for half the period, OK?  It makes me stabby.

Wellwood, I adore you.  Call me.  XOXO.

Oh and by the way, does anyone know how to play goal?  We’re running out of goalies at a rapid pace.

3rd period

SHIT son! How about we don’t hang the goalie who’s playing his 2nd NHL game out to dry to freakin Rick Nash. And then take another freakin penalty.  Holy hell.  I just want to bitch slap all of you.

End Of Game

Ridiculous.  Learn how to play some defence.  The Blue Jackets?!?!  I want to bang my head against the wall.  Way to make your GM grouchy on his birthday.  Let me know when you guys decide to suck less.

*So I tried this new stream of consciousness type live blog tonight and I’m not sure I like it.  I like to try new ways of talking about the games on here to mix it up a bit, but I kind of sound like a bitch mid game. Heh.*


2 thoughts on “Canucks/Blue Jackets

  1. I didn’t think stream of consciousness was too bad myself (given I’m clearly reading it well after the fact) but if you’re gonna keep working and testing it out, then go for it, so here I am being decisively indesicive.

  2. Thanks, Zack. I think I’ll still work it in once and a while. It’s kind of fun actually. People might just realize how crazy I am when I’m watching a game. :P

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