Four Quick Things

1.  Someone told me it’s Mike Gillis’ birthday today.  Happy Birthday, big GM man!  Thanks for bringing this group of guys together that have for the most part been very surprising and fun to watch.  I hope they get you a win tonight.  Enjoy yourself.  I think I’ll save the big jumping out of a cake celebration for when you get us a Cup.

2.  I believe certain people witnessed Lui skating! WOOOOO!  The best news I heard all day.  Not that I don’t trust our back up goalies, but it’s good to hear.

3.  Hordini is injured and Jason Jaffary has been called up from the Moose.  I’ve always liked Jaffary, and maybe he’ll have a better showing this season when there’s not pressure to fill in on the second line.

4.  Last but certainly not least, today is the start of 16 days of celebrating Trevor Linden on which will lead right up to his retirement game.  Today you can remember little baby Trevor being drafted.  Nice move by the Canucks.  I’m really looking forward to the retirement ceremony.

2 thoughts on “Four Quick Things

  1. Awww! I hope soon! I love watching Grabby skate. I think maybe they’re just taking the guy that’s playing the best on the Moose. And we’re missing 4th line guys right now, which Grabby doesn’t really fit. He’s a snazzy little scorer.

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