Off Day Things

–  16 days of Trevor Linden continues today with memories from his rookie season.  Awww, bebeh Trev.  They’ve produced some really good things so far.  I’m already collecting kleenex for his retirement game.

–  The Canucks goalie situation is making me giggle, because it’s better than crying.  If Sanford is out any longer with his back they will call up Julien Ellis from the Salmon Kings.  So, Cory Schneider has a grand total of almost 2 NHL games and Julien Ellis has yet to play an NHL game.  Very reassuring, isn’t it?  And I’m not meaning to insult Cory Schneider, he’s been quite good and I’m sure he’ll be a great NHL goalie in a few years.  He just shouldn’t be carrying the Canucks yet.  Do you think Dan Cloutier is waiting by his phone?  Thank goodness Lui is already skating.

–  The Sean Avery suspension is also making me giggle.  I am certainly not an Avery fan, in fact I can’t stand him, but after all the ridiculous and disgusting things he’s done, this is the one you pick to suspend him over?  Really? If making fun of Dion Phaneuf is a crime, well I should definitely be suspended.  I would guess Elisha Cuthbert has probably heard worse than sloppy seconds.  I think Dion Phaneuf can handle being insulted by a guy on another team.   If he was disrespecting a fan, well then yes suspend him for sure.  I’m all for suspending him if this was an overall suspension for all of the things he’s done/said over the last few years, yet the NHL didn’t make that statement. 

Personally, I also find it a little silly that male bloggers and media members are getting so concerned with his remark being so misogynistic when ice girls are found on multiple NHL teams, and hotties in hockey sweaters are promoted, and puckbunnies are often talked about.  It’s the NHL’s choice to employ ice girls, and I have no problem with it, but don’t make it sound like the league doesn’t objectify women at least at some level.

Not to mention the fact that the NHL refuses to figure out how to properly discipline dangerous plays on the ice, but find it surprisingly easy to suspend a guy indefinitely for a stupid and inappropriate comment. 

–  The Canucks liked my post about the guys visiting the Children’s Hospital and made it a featured post in the FanZone.  Of course it had to be the one where I called them adorable. Hee.  I just wanted to thank them. They’re doing a great job with the website!

–  A dude from the Hockey News is actually manning up and apologizing to Mike Gillis.  At least someone will.  That’s pretty funny.

–  I’m actually thinking about buying a Wellwood t-shirt/sweater from the Canucks team store.  I never would of thought I would be saying that this season.  Just goes to show how the Canucks can surprise you.  Hopefully they surprise me by getting back to winning on Thursday.


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