Canucks/Wings (Official) FanZone LiveBlog

I’m joining a few of my Canucks bloggers tonight to liveblog the game on in the FanZone.  There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when your team faces the Stanley Cup champs in their home rink while in the middle of a losing streak.  You should drop by and join the fun starting at 4:15PST.  Yankee Canuck,  Miss 604, and Thomas Lupton  are sharing in the potential misery with me.

I have so many questions for this game, like:

Will the rookie goalie start again?  And will Sanford be healthy enough to be on the bench or will we have an even less experienced rookie backing up the rookie?

Can the Canucks stay out of the penalty box?  The Wings power play absolutely terrifies me.

Will the Sedins be reunited with their Slovak triplet?

Can Wellwood continue his crazy goal scoring pace?

Will poor Mason Raymond get off the fourth line?

You don’t want to miss out!  There may be tears, maybe some excitement, and seeing us having to refrain from cursing might be fun by itself.  At least you’re guaranteed a good showing by the Champs.


8 thoughts on “Canucks/Wings (Official) FanZone LiveBlog

  1. looking forward to the live blog – I be coming over to heckle :D

    at least for a bit….got work tomorrow won’t be able to stay up for the whole game :( might be a matinee for you guys but it’s still the middle of the night here. I wish I could up and drag the UK into the right time zone!

  2. I tried my best to stick around there last night, but there was no way to focus on it and try to write my paper, so I had to check out, sorry about that : (

  3. Zack, I am SO mad you don’t think my liveblog is more important than your education! :D No worries! Thanks for dropping by even for a bit. Good luck on your paper.

    Zandberg, I was impressed also with how many people showed up. It was a good time. Tonight should be fun too. Maybe the Canucks will even give us a win finally.

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