Canucks/Wings Plus More Trevor Linden Love

Well, now it’s 4 losses in a row.  At least this one was more fun to watch than the Flames and Blue Jackets games.  It’s something.  This game was wacky.  You think if you put up 5 goals against the Stanley Cup Champs you should get the win yet apparently not.  The Canucks did some good things in this game, but they fell apart for the first half of the third, and that just won’t fly against the Wings.  They’re too good.  I mean this a team that can roll out Zetterberg in their second power play group.  That’s sick. 

On the bright side

The FanZone liveblog was really fun.  The set up over there is great.  It made this loss a little less miserable.  There should be a number of liveblogs this season, including tonight against Minnesota. 

They scored 5 goals

Their power play actually produced a goal

Taylor Pyatt has looked fantastic lately.  His shot on his goal was great.  I don’t think Osgood even saw it.

Kyle Wellwood made up for his one defensive mistake by scoring a very snazzy power play goal.  I say we keep the little guy.  He’s fun to watch and he’s the only Canuck I don’t worry about missing a scoring chance.

Mason Raymond scored a nice one.  Maybe this will convince AV to stop moving him down to the fourth line.

Hank Sedin realized he can actually shoot and it will pay off. 

Alex Burrows finally scored again and his linemates looked dangerous.  I just really like Jannik Hansen the more I watch him.  Eventually these chances he’s getting will go in.

The 5 on 3 penalty kill was SO hot!  Just beautiful.  Sanford was solid, the defencemen were monsters, and the forwards were great too.

On the depressing side

Sigh.  The defence.  What the hell?  6 goals against.  I know Lui’s not back there, but come on guys.  Both Shane O’Brien and Willie Mitchell standing still and not even coming close to stopping Hudler on that breakaway was cover your eyes in embarrassment bad. 

In the second period the Canucks played the best they had in ages, and took the lead, and then proceeded to completely fall apart in the third.  That was terrible.  3 goals against in 5 minutes against the Wings is not good for my blood pressure.  Sure, Sanford should have had 2 of them, but still.  It was impressive that they came back and made it 6-5, but too little too late. 

Way too many turnovers and defensive mistakes by everyone.  I know they’re better than that and it makes me stabby watching it.

They have to play in Minnesota tonight, and the Wild have taken over first place in the NW.  Signs point to this being a 5th straight loss considering it’s a back to back. 

Hopefully the Canucks are pissed enough that they gave away their pretty significant division lead in the last week and come out angry as hell against the Wild.

The 5th day of the Trevor Linden tribute is up and it’s about his involvement in the community.  This was the one I was waiting for.  Since I wasn’t a fan back in 1994, I never saw Trev in his hockey prime, so his community work has always been the thing I most admire him for.  I’m sure fans of other teams are scoffing at the Canucks for retiring Trevor’s number because he doesn’t have the HOF numbers, but that doesn’t matter.  It’s always been way more about Trevor the person in Vancouver than Trevor the hockey player.  The videos for day 5 and the letters that were written by fans thanking him show this perfectly.  He was one of the classiest guys to ever play in the NHL, and it’s special that he did almost all of it in Vancouver.  I so wish I had a ticket to the retirement game.  The atmosphere is going to be unbelievable.


2 thoughts on “Canucks/Wings Plus More Trevor Linden Love

  1. Heh. This is true, Life as a redhead. And they did just come off a huge winning streak right before this, so I’m not too worried.

    I’m sorry the Stars are making hockey so miserable for you!

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