There’s the team I love.  I’m not sure where they went for four games but no matter.  I was liveblogging again in the Canucks FanZone.  It was a good time.  A really good defensive effort by the guys, they played physical, they got timely scoring, and Cory Schneider got his first win.  We even saw a shot of them WOOOOing at the end of the game.  I missed the WOOOOing.

They were playing back to back, so I’m even more impressed.  I always like beating the Wild.  And actually they’ve played the Wild on the second half of a back to back twice now, and the Wild still can’t win.  Heh.  I decided to look at the rest of the Canucks/Wild games in January and March because I’m  a nerd like that, and the Wild only have to play us on the second half of a back to back once.  No fair!  Fire Bettman!

Cory Schneider was very good.  This was the first game where he didn’t seem to make any nervous moves.  The Canucks cut down the shots for him, so he only faced 17 shots, but several were quite good scoring chances.  He was making a few very pretty glove or pad saves.  The one goal he didn’t even have a chance on after Matty Ohlund accidentally knocked him over.  Of course we love Lui, but it’s nice to see one of the baby prospects perform so well. 

The defence had me purring.  They finally stopped turning so many pucks over, they were clearing people out of the way for Cory, they stopped taking lazy penalties, and made nice passes out of the Canucks zone.  Bieksa’s goal on the power play was a very nice shot.  Other than accidentally knocking the baby goalie over, Matty Ohlund had a great game.  I think I counted 5 shots that he blocked, and he had that one monster hit on…I think Zidlicky that got the Wild all grouchy.  Willie Mitchell was cracking me up all game.  Every time there was a scrum or a fight he had a giant smile on his face and his eyes lit up and he might have even been laughing a few times.  Hilarious. 

The forwards showed up this game too.  They might have had a bunch of goals if Backstrom wasn’t playing so well.  Or maybe they couldn’t finish.  Hee.  They were skating so much better than they have been over the past week, and they got so many more shots on net.  It would be nice if they always had 25+ shots.

I liked the new mixed up fourth line quite a bit.  I don’t think Hansen will stay there for any length of time, but they looked good tonight.  Not to put down Mike Brown, because I like his sassyness, but they scare me less defensively than when he’s on that line.  Hordichuk was having one of his best games yet until he got thrown out of the game with Boogard.  Hard to believe he has a broken foot.  He made a nice play to get the puck to Hansen to set up Jaffray’s goal.  Jaffray had a great game.  He scored the game winner, made some more good plays, and even got in a fight.  He kind of got destroyed, but good for him anyways. 

I thought pretty much all of the forwards had good games even though they didn’t all show up on the score sheet.  Danny Sedin has been a sneaky little goalie screener lately.  It’s nice to see.  I found it cute that everyone went crazy trying to defend Burr’s honour in the first minute.  It happened so fast I couldn’t even catch how he was actually hurt.  Either a violent face wash or high stick I think.  Kes was pissed his hetero life partner was hurt and he took it out on Sheppard.  I would have preferred Sheppard take off his visor, but maybe he got grabbed too fast to do anything about it.  But yeah, no real complaints about the forwards in this game.  Maybe Demitra and the Sedins can shoot a little more.  I know they like to show of their pretty passes, but it’s better if they hit the net more often.

It was fun to finally see a win again.  Perhaps this road trip won’t end up being totally horrible.  Although beating the Avalanche might be tricky.  I don”t think the Canucks have beaten them in regulation in months.


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