I’m So Naughty

I know, I’ve been a terrible blogger.  It was my last week of finals.  Now I am free and I promise I will be a devoted little blogger for the next three weeks.  Lots of lusting over Matty Ohlund will most likely occur and hopefully some lovely wins can be written about. 

I actually get to go to a live game this Sunday with one of my really good friends which should be delightful.  My dear daddy bid on tickets for me.  It’s nice that he helps me feed my addiction.  I’ll be the blonde girl with purple/pink streaks in her hair wearing the Matty Ohlund sweater.  You should all look for me on TV. 

Plus the world juniors start on Boxing Day which I am uber excited about.  We can watch the little baby Cody Hodgson do his thing.  The Canucks haven’t had a forward prospect this promising in years.  But I am tres angry at the Canada hockey people for spurning the extremely pretty Yann Sauve.  I mean fine, Canada, if you don’t want to drool over his skating then whatever, but I think you’re making a mistake.  He’s way more offensive filled this season and he’s all set to break his career points total and I can assure you he would just absolutely sparkle in HD.  Your loss, I guess. 

I missed the Colorado game, which sounds like it might have been a good thing.  Although I am a little sad I didn’t see Big Bear score  TWO goals!  I’ve been pulling for him for ages and I was starting to think people would just start saying I was crazy for doing so.  Poor Cory sounded like he got LIT up in the shootout.  Colorado does have some scary shooters.  I can’t believe they still can’t beat Colorado!  They didn’t even have Joe Sakic this time. 

I did get to see the Nashville game.  WOW!  Where the heck did that come from?  Sure, I wasn’t a fan of Kes and Burr’s hits.  I thought they could have let up quite a bit.  But Davison and Ohlund had some massive clean hits and the Canucks basically physically ran over Nashville start to finish.  I don’t like the dirty hits but I love seeing my team physically run down a team.  It seemed like too many nights last season the Canucks would get bashed around by the Sharks and the Ducks and other big teams and it’s nice to see that this season we can do the bashing.  I’m glad little baby Edler got the game winner.  He’s been having trouble lately, and maybe this will help his confidence.  Not the prettiest win, but I’ll take it.  Since you guys won, I won’t fixate on the fact that you couldn’t score on a SEVEN minute power play.

I am so, so excited for Trevor Linden night.  Tickets to the game would have been amazing, but it should still be pretty cool on TV.

This is my 200th post.  Never thought that would happen.  I think my personal over/under was 5 posts.


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