Friday Five

1.  Ryan Kesler is such a delightful punk.  From the Vancouver Province.

“We knew we wanted to play them physical, try to intimidate them, and we did that,” said Kesler. “This team cares about each other and that’s what you want. We want to be a team that goes out and doesn’t take any crap from anybody.”

While it appeared that Kesler was at fault for driving Weber from behind, he didn’t see it that way.

“He put himself in a vulnerable position and he knows I’m on his back, that’s his fault,” said Kesler. “I rubbed him out. If he wants to duck on me, he can duck. I thought it was a make-up call for our seven-minute power play.”

Obviously I didn’t want to see Weber hurt, but I love that Kes sounds like he won’t take any crap from anyone.  He’s really grown into a more outspoken leadership role this season. 

2.  TSN named Jannik Hansen their 11th best rookie.  Good choice.  He’s my favourite little rookie.  Even the Canucks fourth line* looks more dangerous with him playing on that line.  His scoring pace will get even better as he gets older, I’m sure.  And he’s already so good defensively.  Not too shabby for a guy picked near the end of the very last round in the draft.  With Hansen doing so well, and Mason Raymond maturing, and Cody Hodgson lighting up the OHL, and Michael Grabner getting experience in the AHL, you get the feeling the Canucks are going to be very fun to watch up front in a few years.

*Speaking of the fourth line, I can’t believe Darcy Hordichuk is playing on a broken foot.  And Ryan Johnson played on a broken foot as well for 6 weeks before they found it when they looked at his broken fingers.  I mean, HOT, right?  I don’t think I could adore those two more.  

3.  I’m so glad the Manitoba Moose were able to say no to the Stars about taking Sean Avery.  While his fashion obsession does amuse me endlessly, I didn’t want him anywhere near the baby Canuck prospects. 

4.  So, apparently the Canucks are one of Sundin’s final team choices.  WOOO???  I guess.  Personally, I would prefer he just go to the Rangers.  Sure, on paper he makes the Canucks better, but I have a feeling it won’t work out in reality.  He’s had a lot of time off and he’s not exactly young.  I’m sure he’s a lovely guy, but maybe he changes the really great chemistry the Canucks have going in the dressing room.  Then there’s the fact that he’s not going to take a discount, and the Canucks still have to extend the Sedins, Matty Ohlund, and Alex Burrows.  Ryan Kesler’s contract is ending in a couple of years.  I would hate if they had to lose one of them because they’re tied up in Sundin.  Anyways, I guess we just have to wait and see.  Of course if Sundin scores the Cup winning goal, I’ll eat my stuffed giraffe.

5.  If you had to ask Trevor Linden one question at his retirement game what would it be?


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