This may have been what my face looked after this game.

That was just disgusting top to bottom.  What an extreme waste of time.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team take so many stupid penalties in a row.  If they don’t play better tomorrow when I’m at GM Place, I will cut a bitch.  Don’t make my daddy regret bidding on those tickets when he could have helped out an African orphan instead.  I expect better things.  Don’t let me down.  Losers. 

Oh and well done on just making Sundin run away screaming from Vancouver.

Yeah, I know this post was lame, but it kind of matches the Canucks effort tonight, don’t you think?


4 thoughts on “Canucks/Oilers

  1. I can’t say as I’m disappointed with the result, but yeah, I feel your pain.

    It was about halfway through the third period when I said to my wife, “Hey, they’re finally playing like the Canucks!” I struggled to explain what I meant, but basically, they didn’t suck for about 5 minutes in the third.

    Hordichuk *really* doesn’t like Stortini, does he?

    I imagine you’ll see a better effort today – it’s not like they expended a lot of energy last night, after all.

    On the plus side (for the Canucks), I thought Ohlund played pretty well.

  2. I thought Ohlund looked pretty good too, MikeP. But then again I always do. :D

    And you’re right, it was a much better effort.

    Rinslet, other than the first 5 minutes I had EXTREME amounts of fun! That was a great game to see live!

    Sarah, Kes’ goal was SO hott! We were right behind the net too when he was coming in.

    And I still can’t get over how pretty Hordi’s goal was. Hee.

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