That was a really fun game see live.  My winning streak at GM Place continues.  I’ve now seen wins against the Flames twice, Wings once, and Panthers once.  I’m telling you, the Canucks should start sending me to games.  I’m lucky or something. 

Before the game started, Lui was supposed to accept a cheque from some guys in suits, and they announced that Matty Ohlund would accept it on his behalf.  I don’t think they told him ahead of time though, because he looked all adorably confused for a moment standing at center ice.  It made me giggle how he was talking to the guys and wasn’t sure if he should skate over there or not.  So I was in a good mood to start the game.  Too bad the opening five minutes were absolutely brutal after that.  When the Panthers went up 2-0, GM Place was absolutely dead.  The crowd was put up on the jumbotron and everyone looked extremely bitter.  It felt like the Canucks were going to get blown out.  I did learn that I love to boo though, which was quite fun.  I didn’t see myself as being pro booing.  Luckily after that the Canucks got it together and the rest of the game was extremely fun to watch. 

Hordichuk’s goal happened pretty much right in front of us, and it was SO pretty!  I mean, it was like a Sedin or a Demitra goal or something.  His goal celebration was fantastic.  I was a little bit afraid he was going to punch himself out since his fist pump was so vigourous. 

Demitra was really great to watch in this game as well.  Two goals and they were nice.  Hordichuk got them back in the game, which they really needed, but Demitra tied it up and put them ahead.  Demitra loves Vancouver and he’s having fun and it shows.

Jannik Hansen didn’t score, but it felt like he should have.  He was everywhere and driving Panthers defencemen crazy. 

Kyle Wellwood is just really fun to watch stick handle live.  Who knows where the power play would be without him.  I’m still a little stunned he has 12 goals already, but all of them well deserved.  I spotted a girl in the crowd with a Wellwood sweater, which kind of made me laugh.  But rock on girl.  I probably would have waited until he’s resigned for more than this year to commit to a sweater, but he is doing well and good for her for supporting the Wellwood bandwagon.

The Canucks special teams were just totally hot in this game.  Two power play goals, a perfect penalty kill, AND a shorthanded goal.  YUMM.  Kes was overdue for a goal and it was EXTREMELY hott.  I love shorthanded goals.  You knew when he was skating towards the net he was going to score.  I love that power move he does to get to the net.

The defence did some good work tonight.  Bieksa was throwing a lot of hits and skating really well.  Did you know Matty Ohlund looks even better in person?

Cory Schneider had a rough start.  He looked VERY nervous for his first home game.  The poor boy was very…twitchy.  I know that sounds mean, but that’s the only way I can describe it.  He kept getting into position, and then rethinking it, and moving to a different spot, and then moving again, and so on.  Then when Alex Edler turned the puck over and that Panther got a breakaway RIGHT in front of him, he made a fabulous save, and the crowd got really excited for him.  Hopefully he heard me yelling “You go Cory!” like a crazy person.  That really seemed to boost his confidence and he looked so much more solid after that.

Just in case the guy that sat behind me is reading this, sometimes they can’t shoot!  Sometimes there is a bunch of defencemen in the way, and they’ll just simply shoot it in to their shin pads.  And sometimes they can’t hit a guy because they are no where near the boards or they will be forced to move out of position to hit them.  OK?!?!  Love the “enthusiasm“ though.  .

To the guy that attempted to get a “Mats Sundin!“ chant going, ummm thanks for the laugh.  I just couldn`t  join in.  I don`t want Sundin.

Dear DJ Dave,

Oh honey.  We need to talk about the music.  The Beach Boys?  Really?  The Boys Are Back In Town as the entrance song?  50 cent?  Cotton Eye Joe?  Le sigh.  How about some nice angry we`re going to bash your face in hockey music instead.  I could bring some lists if you want.  X0Xo.

I noticed on my blog stats that I’ve had about a hundred searches for Hordichuk’s comments about Trevor Linden. At first I had no idea what that would be about since I was at the game and obviously missed the post game show.  Now that I’ve heard it, I think his comment about his goal celebration and Linden was just taken way too seriously.  I’m sure he didn’t even mean to say it, or he meant it lighheartedly.  People are probably making such a big deal since Trev’s retirement game is so close.  Hordichuk seems like a great guy, and to me it’s a non issue.  That’s all I’m going to say.  I don’t really like to gossip about that “behind the scenes” stuff on here.

So, who`s pumped for Trevor Linden night? WOOOOOO!


5 thoughts on “Canucks/Panthers

  1. When checking scores I was like “Ugh 2-0 to the Panthers? Not again.”

    Then I went about my evening and came back and the score was 5-2 and, no lie, at first I was like “Well at least the Canucks scored 2.” It took me a second to realize that it was the Canucks that in fact had 5 goals. Yay!

  2. Oh honey. We need to talk about the music. The Beach Boys? Really? The Boys Are Back In Town as the entrance song? 50 cent? Cotton Eye Joe? Le sigh. How about some nice angry we`re going to bash your face in hockey music instead. I could bring some lists if you want. X0Xo.

    He’s probably told not to play music that is loud cause it makes the hockey moms think their children are being corrupted.

  3. Hee! That’s pretty funny, Anne. YAY! And guess what I just put in the mail? I think it will probably be there in about a week.

    Zack, that makes a lot of sense. Darn hockey mums!

  4. I still haven’t seen this game, this week has been manic, but I will be watching as soon as I can, and listening out for Cotton Eye Joe :D

    Will I be able to see you if I pause and get out a magnifying glass? Where were you sat?

    I hope you are having a fab time in Van City and surrounds.

  5. Hee. I can’t believe you actually like Cotton Eye Joe! :D

    You might be able to see me. I was behind the net that the Canucks shot at twice. Lower bowl. Kind of in the corner towards the left of the net. I was in my Matty sweater, and my brunette friend was in a white Burrows sweater.

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