It’s Linden Time

It’s finally here.  Kleenex is probably going to sell out in the greater Vancouver area.  I can’t wait.  This is a pretty huge moment in Canucks history.  Trevor’s number is only the second one retired by the Canucks besides Stan Smyl’s number 12.  True, it’s partly because this team hasn’t had much success over the years, but it’s also because they don’t retire just anyone’s number.  Trevor is special.  He is incredibly classy and gave his heart to this team and this city.  Sure, he never won a Cup here, but he came damn close.  Trevor inspires people and makes them want to be more like him.   For everything he has done for the city of Vancouver, this couldn’t be more deserved.

I wasn’t a fan in 1994, so my favourite on ice Linden memory is his game winner in game 7 against Dallas.  It was a nice tip in, Trevor looked so happy, and downtown Vancouver went absolutely crazy outside of my apartment.  Not to mention the crowd at GM Place.  That was my first year as a serious fan, and my first playoff run.  Looking back, there was no way that team was winning the Cup, but when you’re a brand new fan anything is possible.  I remember not being able to take my eyes off Linden.  He hadn’t played his best regular season, but you could tell he amped it up for the playoffs.  It was his favourite time of year.  I was sure somehow the Canucks would pull it out for Trevor.  It was not meant to be, and I suffered my first playoffs heartbreak, but it made me a Trevor Linden fan.  

I’ll be standing in my living room and raising my drink to Trevor tonight.  When I was at the game on Sunday, I kept looking up to the spot where his banner would go, and I got chills.  It looks a little lonely up there next to Stan Smyl’s number, but not after today.  GM Place will become a little more historical and soulful, rather than just a generic hockey building. 

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3 thoughts on “It’s Linden Time

  1. It’s well deserved too, Trevor was (and is) a class act from the tips of his fingernails to well, whatever other physical extreme you want to pick. I’ll raise my glass of sparkly water to him.

  2. Congratulations to Linden, and to the Canucks fans who got to enjoy his long and classy career!

    I cried like a baby watching the Stevens and Daneyko retirements; I know you’ll enjoy watching the ceremony, alix!

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