Mats Sundin A Canuck

Holy shit balls.  I honestly did not see this coming.  All the talk has been about how Mats loves New York and how the Rangers were clearing cap space as we speak and yada yada yada.  I have been saying I don’t want Sundin, but it is quite delightful we screwed the Rangers, isn’t it? 

Mostly I was just a bit worried we wouldn’t have enough cap space to resign the Sedins and Matty Ohlund and Burr.  Plus, he is kind of old.  But maybe Gillis and his money experts can figure it out and we’ll be able to keep them. 

With a healthy Lui, that line up is pretty sick.  The idea of announcers calling Sedin, Sedin, Sundin on the power play does amuse me.  I’m…cautiously optimistic.  Canucks fans should always be cautious.

I kind of want to wait until he gets through his first full game as a Canuck before I welcome him fully.  Sorry, Mats.


5 thoughts on “Mats Sundin A Canuck

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  2. So not that I’m able to hear them, but I am all for the announcers dropping the ends of all their names “Se passes to Se, Se over to Su, Su back to Se, Se shoots Se scores!”

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