Four Things

1. has a great article about Jannik Hansen.  His overall game is so strong even if he’s not scoring buckets of goals.  It’s pretty cool that he is one of the only Danish players in the NHL.  I’ve been talking him up like crazy, and it’s nice to see that people outaide Vancouver are starting to notice how fabulous he is.

2.  Cody Hodgson wants me to keep writing about him.  He had another three points for the second consecutive game in  the World Juniors exhibition game against Finland.  I am SO excited to see him in a Canucks sweater.  He was really close to making the team this season, and he should have an even better chance next year.

3.  Gillis sure is having a good year, isn’t he?  Not just because of Sundin.  I really enjoyed his interview on After Hours on Saturday.  He’s a very smart guy and I like all the little things he’s done to make this team better.

4.  I’m liveblogging the Canucks/Ducks game again tonight in the Canucks FanZone.  It’s always a good time over there.  If you need a break from the holidays you should definitely drop by.

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