Pre Christmas Wrap Up

–  The Ducks game was delightful!  I love when the Ducks goon it up, and the Canucks just roll with it and play even better.  Danny Sedin had quite a game.  He has been quietly on fire lately.  Ryan Kesler also looked very good.  I think my personal highlights for that game were Matty Ohlund cross checking that little bitch Corey Perry to the ice at the end of the game, and Kesler and Getslaf ‘s fight.  Danny Sedin’s breakaway was also very pretty.  Big Bear had two assists.  Maybe he’s getting ready to break out.

–  The Sharks game tonight on the other hand was a total disaster.  I wish I had never turned on my TV.  Being down 2-0 to the Sharks in the first 5 minutes of the game is not a recipe for success.  Poor little baby rookie Cory Schneider got no help from his team and was lit up like a Christmas tree.  I think I had more fun playing with my pre Christmas present Matty Bearlund from Build A Bear than I did actually paying attention to this game.


Matty Bearlund out in the snow

–  Am I broken record if I mention Cody Hodgson had another three points against Slovakia at the World Juniors?  Probably, but there you go.  I can’t wait for Boxing Day!

– I’m hoping Lui gets a new groin for Christmas and Mats plays like he’s 25. 

–  Merry Christmas to all my blog friends and readers.  I hope everyone has a relaxing holiday and enjoys their family.  I’m going to drink too much Bailey’s and hang out with my cousins.


8 thoughts on “Pre Christmas Wrap Up

  1. happy christmas Alix

    I want to see a piccy of the bear next post, please :D

    our hockey bear is called Isaac (although he was renamed Taylor for a week once), and he has just been traded from the Ducks to the Pens. I do wish BAB would make a Canucks kit….

  2. aha- a piccy :) (I swear that wasn’t there before…)

    and you DID get a Canucks kit!!

    how? where? Isaac needs one! He has Ducks, Pens and the BAB generic one…. I have never seen a Canucks one anywhere even in Vancouver.

  3. Thanks for the merry Christmases everyone! I hope you all had lovely days.

    And Matty Bearlund says thanks for all the compliments.

    Sarah, I got the Canucks kit in Saskatoon. They had all 6 Canadian teams. I’m VERY surprised they didn’t have them in Vancouver. Hopefully one turns up for Isaac.

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